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12 UWSOP students to present posters at ISPOR

Congratulations to the twelve UWSOP students, comprised of eleven CHOICE Students and fellows and one PharmD student (co-authored with a CHOICE student), who were selected to present posters the annual ISPOR conference in May. Several students had multiple abstracts accepted, making a total of 15 research posters from UWSOP to be represented by CHOICE at the conference.

Jaime Ta
Allergan Fellow
Net Health Benefit – ASCO Vs. I.C.E.R. Value Frameworks: Are We Talking about the Same Thing?

Lizzy Brouwer
PhD Student
A Systematic Review and Content Analysis of Rhetoric about the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) in the Written Media, 2015-2017


Identifying and Assessing the Feasibility of Proposed Alternative Approaches to QALY Estimation within Cost-Effectiveness Models Using a Systematic Literature Review: an Updated Analysis

Woojung Lee
PhD Student
Do Patient Concerns about Antihypertensive Use as a Dementia Prevention Strategy Vary By Current Use of Antihypertensive Medication?

Sabra Zaraa
PhD Student
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Tafenoquine with a Rapid Diagnostic Test for G6PD Deficiency in Patients with Plasmodium Vivax Infections in Brazil

Enrique Saldarriaga
PhD Student
Renal Health Program: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of a Secondary Prevention Strategy To Delay Progression to Dialysis and Overall Mortality Among CKD Patients in Lima, Peru


Income-Elasticity of the Body Mass Index. Results From A Peruvian Household Survey

Samantha Clark
PhD Student
Implications of Using a Data Integration Pipeline to Streamline the Clinical Trial Process for Glioblastoma Treatment Combinations

Thomas Hopkins
Bayer Fellow
Systematic Review of Adverse Events Associated with the Immunotherapy Checkpoint Inhibitor Drug Class

Edward (Eddie) Neuberger
Genentech Fellow
Cost-Utility of Cannabidiol in Addition to Background Therapy Versus Background Therapy Alone in Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

Erik Landaas
PhD Student
Incorporating Health Technology Assessment into Laboratory Medicine at UW Medicine


Health Technology Assessment of a Less Invasive Bladder Cancer Test

Wei-Jhih Wang
PhD Student
A Novel Method for Assessing Feasibility of Generating Real-World Data Based Control Groups


Assessing the Generalizability of Clinical Trials Without Individual-Level Trial Data

Lauren Strand
PhD Student
A Remedy for Despair? Short-Term Changes in Economic Conditions and Opioid Prescribing in Washington State

Eunice Kim
A Systematic Review and Content Analysis of Rhetoric about the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) in the Written Media, 2015-2017


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