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Volunteers Needed for Pharm 501

Each year, first-year UWSOP students complete an assignment in PHRMCY 501: Foundations of Being a Pharmacist I called the “Friends and Family Assignment.” This assignment requires students to either practice their clinical interview skills or learn how to collect medical and medication information from a patient by working with a friend or family member who takes at least 3 medications daily. We typically have a small number of students who experience difficulty finding a friend or family member to participate and are looking for alumni interested in volunteering to help these students.

We are seeking alumni who take a minimum of 3 medications daily and who are willing to support our first-year students’ learning by participating in one 60-minute interview in mid-October via Zoom or telephone. During the interview, students will conduct a comprehensive medication review and will ask questions about the volunteer’s medical and medication history. Volunteers can refuse to answer any question they are not comfortable sharing. The student will not submit any identifiable or personal health information as part of their assignment.

Alumni who are interested in volunteering or would like more information, please contact Dr. Jenni Bacci via email by Friday, October 14th.