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UW Symposium on Past Present and Future of ADME Sciences Dedicated to Deans Sid Nelson and Tom Baillie

(L to R): Juan Cantu, Dean Sid Nelson, Rene Levy, and Dean Tom Baillie
(L to R): Juan Cantu, Dean Sid Nelson, Rene Levy, and Dean Tom Baillie

“Thanks to the strong academic programs in the Department of Pharmaceutics and Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Washington, I have been well prepared for an exciting career in the pharmaceutical sciences,” said alumnus Ian Templeton. “Because of these strong programs, I now have classmates spread across many institutions, both public and private, as well as all over the world.”

In recognition of Dean Sidney Nelson’s contributions and to honor Dean Tom Baillie’s recent retirement, this event will provide a forum for scientific and social exchange between current faculty and students, alumni, and colleagues of the UW School of Pharmacy.

The program of speakers will deliver historical perspectives, describe the latest advances in research, and offer a vision for the future of research and training in drug metabolism and drug interactions. The program includes a gathering to celebrate Sid at The College Inn Pub, student poster session for networking with students and post docs, and dinner at the UW Faculty Club.

“An event like this is very special,” said Sean D. Sullivan, Professor and Dean of the UW School of Pharmacy. “I look forward to reconnecting with our scientific alumni who are involved in ground-breaking research worldwide, as we celebrate Sid’s and Tom’s leadership.”

Morning Session

8:30 AM Welcome and opening Remarks Sean Sullivan and Kent Kunze
8:45-9 AM From the past to the present in Drug Metabolism Wendel Nelson, UW
9-9:30 AM Structural investigations into the mechanism of carbon-mercury bond cleavage by the organomercurial lyase MerB Jim Omichinski, University of Montreal
9:30-10 AM The Current State of Biotransformation Sciences: enzymes, reactions and mechanisms Cyrus Kojastech, Genentech
10-10:30 AM Coffee break
10:30-11 AM Genetic Approaches to Understanding Drug Toxicity Deanna Kroetz, UCSF
11-11:30 AM Cinnamaldehyde-based Inhibitors of CYP2A6 and Estimation of Interactions with Nicotine and Letrozole John Harrelson
11:30 AM-12 Noon Lunch

Afternoon Session

12:45-1 PM Afternoon session opening remarks Kent Kunze
1-1:30 PM Presentation Rene Levy
1:30-2 PM Valproate and Beyond Mark Grillo
2-2:15 PM Coffee break
2:15-2:45 PM Midazolam as a CYP3A phenotyping probe: new insights on an old friend Mary Paine, Washington State University
2:45-3 PM Closing Remarks and look into the future Ken Thummel
3-5 PM Campus/school tour with current students and gathering at College Inn
5-6 PM Poster session at UW club with current students
6-8 PM Dinner