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SoP Ranked Among the Best Pharmacy Institutes Worldwide, According to ScholarGPS

The School of Pharmacy at the University of Washington was recognized as the third highest-ranked institute in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences in the world based on its lifetime productivity, by ScholarGPS. Sean Sullivan, a Professor at the CHOICE Institute and the School’s prior Dean, was recognized as one of the top seven highly-ranked scholars in the world in the field of Managed Care. In addition, in the field of Health Economics, Lou Garrison, a professor emeritus at the CHOICE Institute, and Anirban Basu, a professor and the current Director of the CHOICE Institute, were recognized as the top four and six highly-ranked scholars, respectively.

ScholarGPS is a scholar-led and AI-driven platform that identifies over 30 million individual scholars who are affiliated with over 55,000 academic and non-academic institutions worldwide. Their algorithms identify and analyze the individual impact of over 200 million books, book chapters, journal articles, conference papers, and patents associated with over 3 billion citations. A unique feature of ScholarGPS rankings is that they don’t depend on qualitative judgments but are determined purely quantitatively and are based on metrics that capture the productivity, the impact, and the quality of individual scholars as well as institutions.