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Snoqualmie Valley Hospital Awarded IPPE Preceptors of the Year

Ron Bennett, one of the 2014 IPPE Preceptors of the Year

We asked our students about their favorite preceptors at Snoqualmie Valley Hospital – Ron Bennett (pictured), Elizabeth Fuchs, and Candy Naderi – and this is what we heard.

“They are wonderful preceptors. They involved me in everything an institutional pharmacist does from distribution to clinical pharmacy. They were very receptive to questions, and I was most impressed with their willingness to work with me on clinical subjects that were not even required from the rotation,” said one student.

Another student told us, “Snoqualmie Valley Hospital is an EXCELLENT site for students to begin learning about real-world hospital pharmacy practice. All of the pharmacy staff are supportive and generous toward students, and the small size of the hospital allows students to see the ‘big picture’ more easily than at a larger hospital. I can’t say enough good things. If it were feasible, I would recommend sending the entire Pharm.D. class to do their IPPE at Snoqualmie. It’s that good.”