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Recap from SMDM 2019

SMDM 2019The Society for Medical Decision Making (SMDM) brings together researchers, clinicians, educators, managers, and policy makers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. SMDM is the leading society for studying and advancing decision sciences in health, including incorporation of patients’ values and preferences. It promotes scientific and methodological rigor in health care decision research and its application to health policy and clinical care.

This year, the 41st North American Meeting was just down the road in Portland Oregon. Due to the close proximity, nearly all CHOICE students and faculty were able to attend.

The CHOICE Institute’s PharmD/MS Fellow, Phoebe Wright, and PhD Candidate, Elizabeth Brouwer, were selected to serve as the social media reporters for the entire conference.

On serving as a student social media reporter, Phoebe says, “I love health economics, so being a social media reporter at SMDM allowed me to fully express and share my unsolicited thoughts, opinions, and summaries on cutting edge health economics research. The level of engagement from the health economics community was awesome! People are brilliant, and I’m glad I got help facilitate conversation among thought leaders.”

We asked Phoebe to share some of her favorite tweets from the conference and here they are: one, two, three.

Several students presented posters at the conference, including:

“Health Mass Index: Obesity Metrics to Reflect Health Rather Than Growth” Authors: Enrique Saldarriaga, Anirban Basu

Catalogue of Age and Medical-Condition-Specific Healthcare Costs in the US to Inform Future Costs Calculations in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis” Authors: Boshen Jiao, Anirban Basu

Characterizing Longitudinal Patterns of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Adherence in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Chronic Myeloid Leukemia” Authors: Samantha Clark, Zachary Marcum, Aasthaa Bansal

Alternative Approaches to QALY Estimation within Standard Cost-Effectiveness Models: Literature Review, Feasibility Assessment, and Impact Evaluation” Authors: Elizabeth Brouwer, Eunice Kim, Phoebe Wright, Josh Carlson