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Plein Geriatric Pharmacy Certificate alumni profiles: Laura Hart

After all their hard work, we wanted to learn more about our Plein Geriatric Pharmacy Certificate alumni and to learn: Where are you now?

Plein Geriatric Pharmacy Certificate alumna Laura Hart, PharmD, BCPS, is the Geriatric Pharmacy Fellow with UWSOP and is finishing up M.S. degree through Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy Program (PORPP). We met with her to learn more about her career path since graduating the PharmD program and earning the Plein Geriatric Pharmacy Certificate in June 2014.

UW Geriatric Pharmacy News: Why did you choose geriatric pharmacy?

Laura: My desire to work with older adults stemmed from my close relationship with my grandparents growing up. I volunteered as a pharmacy assistant in a long-term care pharmacy during my time as an undergraduate, which provided me insight into the vital role a pharmacist can play in optimizing medication use and improving health outcomes for this vulnerable patient population with complex needs.

UWGPN: How has the Geriatric Pharmacy Certificate changed/improved your career/research?

Laura: The Certificate provided me a strong clinical foundation in geriatrics and strengthened my desire and ability to specialize in geriatrics as I moved forward into my postgraduate training. Additionally, during my time as a Certificate student, I earned elective credits by engaging in geriatric pharmacy research. Getting this initial exposure to geriatric pharmacy research during my PharmD training inspired me to continue pursuing research in geriatrics through my career in addition to providing patient care to older adults. My current research interests in the realm of geriatrics are pharmacoepidemiology, falls, dementia, transitions of care, and models of clinical pharmacy services for older adults.

UWGPN: What stands out for you as you think back on the Certificate?

Laura: During my time as a Certificate student, some of the geriatrics faculty members became mentors to me, and they have remained my mentors to this day. I am very grateful to have had their unwavering support and guidance; they have played a tremendous role in shaping my professional development and allowing me to get to where I am today. In addition, one of my favorite parts of the certificate program was my APPE rotation at the Hearthstone.

UWGPN: What are one or two fun facts about you?

Laura: Music has always been a passion of mine. Growing up I learned to play piano, violin, and viola, and I am currently learning to play the ukulele. One of my favorite parts of living in Seattle is the abundance of amazing live music. I am a third generation Husky Pharmacist. My mother graduated from the UW School of Pharmacy in 1983, and my grandfather in 1951.

UWGPN: Given UW’s Seattle home, we are curious how you like your coffee?

Laura: I like my coffee iced.


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