Yensi is a recipient of a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, Postdoctoral Global Individual Fellowship, which brings together the Tangney Lab in Cancer Research @UCC and the Bhardwaj and Baker labs at the Institute for Protein Design (IPD), University of Washington, Seattle. Through her project (BacStar), Yensi aims to solve an important issue limiting progress of using bacteria as vehicles for the delivery of Cancer Therapeutics into tumours.

In addition to her core scientific work, Yensi is a highly active in research communication and in 2021 she was awarded membership to the Global Young Academy (GYA). Here she co-leads the GYA Scientific Excellence working group, where she engages in activities that challenge current research assessment practices to promote the development of more inclusive, diverse and equal research environments, that value practices, such as ethics, collaboration and open science. For example, she currently coordinates the publication of “A global landscape on research assessment”, a study surveying 141 institutions in 56 countries and organises discussions through wide-audience platforms.

At GYA, Yensi is also co-lead of the Biodiversity for Survival working group, where she co-leads activities promoting biodiversity conservation and promote inclusion, diversity and equality in biosciences.

Furthermore, Yensi serves in the steering board of the Coalition for the Advancement of Research Assessment (CoARA), where she aims to represent and advocate for early career researchers worldwide and to expand the CoARA globally, specially to the Global South.

In March 2023 Yensi was also selected for the first cohort of the Young Academy of Ireland, where she aims to engage in transdisciplinary research that assess and overcome barriers towards building diverse and equitable Irish research institutions and engage in science policy and science communication to promote a scientific culture that values research integrity, open science and collaboration. Finally, she aims to develop Science + Art projects to promote the conservation of biodiversity and education in biosciences.


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