Teresa O’Sullivan

Associate Professor and Director of Experiential Education, Advanced Practice

Department of Pharmacy, Office of Professional Pharmacy Education, Pharmacy Faculty, School Faculty

Telephone: (206) 543-3324

Email: terrio@uw.edu

Office Location: Room 248, South Campus Center


  • BS Pharmacy, University Washington (1984)
  • PharmD, University of Minnesota (1990)

Research Interests

  • Teaching and learning in the practice setting
  • Assessment of national experiential education practices

Courses Taught

  • PHARM 509 Medical Literature Evaluation
  • PHARMP 541 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience in Clinic Skills
  • PHRMCY 511 Introduction to Evidence-based Practice


Teresa O’Sullivan obtained her Bachelor of Science in pharmacy from the University of Washington in 1984, and her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Minnesota in 1990. After completion of a research fellowship in clinical pharmacokinetics, she became the Director of Experiential Education at the University of Washington School of Pharmacy. She was board-certified as a pharmacotherapy specialist in 1993. Her teaching topics include medical literature evaluation, drug allergy, and practice-based education. She interacts regularly with the over 400 volunteer faculty and preceptors who teach the University of Washington Doctor of Pharmacy students. She conducts qualitative research in the area of practice-based learning, precepts pharmacy students in the Dental Clinics of the University of Washington School of Dentistry, and is an active member of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.


Selected Publications

  • O’Sullivan TA, Sy E, Bacci J. Essential attributes for the community pharmacist as care provider. Am J Pharm Educ (in press; currently available at: https://www.ajpe.org/doi/pdf/10.5688/ajpe7125).
  • O’Sullivan TA, Jefferson. Strategies for enhancing clarity and reader accessibility of qualitative research results. Am J Pharm Educ (in press; currently available at: https://www.ajpe.org/doi/pdf/10.5688/ajpe7124).
  • O’Sullivan TA, Sullivan L, Webber K, Weber SS. A pilot comparison of student outcomes between longitudinally- and traditionally-placed advanced pharmacy practice experiences. Am J Pharm Educ (in press; currently available at: https://www.ajpe.org/doi/pdf/10.5688/ajpe7143)
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