School of Pharmacy

Shiu-Lok Hu


Department of Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutics Faculty

Telephone: 206-616-9764


Website: NCBI


  • Postdoctoral fellowship, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York
  • PhD in molecular biology, University of Wisconsin
  • BA with great distinction in biochemistry, University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests

  • Design and preclinical evaluation of vaccines against HIV and related primate lentiviruses
  • Structural, functional, and immunogenic studies of HIV-1 envelope proteins
  • Host-pathogen interactions in primate lentivirus infections


Dr. Hu holds a BA degree with great distinction in biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Wisconsin. He completed his postdoctoral training in tumor virology in Dr. J.F. Sambrook’s laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

The primary interests of his laboratory are HIV pathogenesis and approaches for the prevention and treatment of AIDS. Currently, the staff pursues three major research areas: design and preclinical evaluation of vaccines against HIV and related primate lentiviruses; structural, functional, and immunogenic studies of HIV-1 envelope proteins; and host-pathogen interactions in primate lentivirus infections. His research may yield insights for novel targets for antiviral therapy and help the development of appropriate animal models to study HIV infection and AIDS.

Previously, Hu was part of a team at Oncogen that pioneered bringing the prime-boost immunization method-an early AIDS vaccine candidate-to clinical trial in 1988. This discovery laid the foundation for much of his work at the UW. His focus now is on basic research coupled with pre-clinical, proof-of-concept studies. He is currently part of three, multiyear, multi-institution National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases HIV Vaccine Research and Design grants, for which his contributions total more than $9.5 million. He also has a $6.7 million Gates Foundation grant with the Consortium for AIDS Vaccine Discovery (CAVD), an international network of scientists designing novel HIV vaccine candidates and advance the most promising candidates to clinical trials.

Selected Publications

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