Dr. Marathe is currently working as a Vice President, DMPK/Clinical Pharmacology at Agios Pharmaceuticals. She joined University of Washington, Department of Pharmaceutics as an affiliate professor in 2020. Punit spent a year as an Executive Director in Syngene International, responsible for building integrated drug discovery capabilities in the US and India. Before joining Syngene, she served as the head of Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Department at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Dr. Marathe has extensive experience in multiple areas of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics including drug discovery, lead optimization, preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetic studies leading to product registration and life-cycle management. In her 30-year career, she was involved in the characterization of small molecule and biologic drug disposition from early discovery to commercialization; collaborating with drug discovery and Clinical Pharmacology for selection, optimization and characterization of lead candidates from multiple projects. Punit’s span of responsibilities included characterizing ADME profile of lead candidates, establishing PK-PD relationships in animal disease models; projecting human pharmacokinetic profile and efficacious doses, guiding selection of doses for FIH studies, characterizing human ADME profile and understanding drug-drug interactions liabilities. Dr. Marathe has published over 100 publications and has presented at multiple national and international conferences.