School of Pharmacy

Beth Devine

Professor, Department of Pharmacy; Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Department of Biomedical Informatics & Medical Education

CHOICE Faculty, Department of Pharmacy, Institute for Innovative Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacy Faculty, Plein Center in Geriatrics Faculty

Telephone: (206) 221-5760


Office Location: H-375-D Box 357630 1959 NE Pacific St Seattle ,WA 98195-7630

Website: PubMed


  • PhD in Health Services Research, University of Washington
  • Master in Business Administration, Masagung Graduate School of Business and Management, University of San Francisco
  • PharmD, Universtiy of the Pacific
  • Pre-Pharmacy (Minor in Music), University of the Pacific

Research Interests

  • Comparative effectiveness research and clinical research informatics
  • Evidence synthesis/network meta-analysis
  • Improvement science and medication safety

Courses Taught

  • Pharm 535/HServ 584 – Assessing Outcomes in Health and Medicine
  • Pharm 592 – Design and Analysis of Medical Studies
  • Pharm 594 – Medication Quality and Safety
  • Pharmacy Resident Outcomes Research Seminar Series


Dr. Devine’s research program is centered at the intersection of clinical research informatics, comparative effectiveness research, medication safety and quality. She is the lead co-investigator for the Comparative Effectiveness Research Methods Core of the Surgical Care and Outcomes Assessment Program Comparative Effectiveness Research Network (PI: David Flum) – one of two Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ)-funded grants in the Enhanced Registries for Quality Improvement and Comparative Effectiveness Research Portfolio.

On this same grant, she serves on the Health Information Technology Core, where she leads the research study to validate the extraction of semi-automated data from disparate electronic health records across select hospitals in Washington State. A second area of research interest is evidence synthesis, where she conducts meta-analyses and network meta-analyses within the Bayesian framework.

She was recently selected for membership in the Society for Research Synthesis Methodology, and is a past recipient of an AHRQ Mentored Clinical Scientist Training Award (K-08). Prior to launching her research career, Dr. Devine practiced clinical pharmacy with advanced practice (prescribing) privileges, and served in administrative positions related to formulary management, medication safety and quality improvement, in both academic and community medical center settings.Dr. Devine completed a residency in clinical pharmacy practice at the VA Medical Center in Palo Alto, CA; and a postdoctoral fellowship in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research at the UW Pharmaceutical Outcomes Program, spending one year with Roche Pharma Business, Health Economics and Strategic Pricing Group, in Palo Alto, California.

Selected Publications

Lau B, Overby CL, Wirtz HS,Devine EB. The association between use of a clinical decision support tool and adherence to monitoring for medication-laboratory guidelines in the ambulatory setting. Appl Clin Inform 2013; 4: X-X. (Accepted for publication Oct 2013.)

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