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Novel Coronavirus – How the UWSOP is responding to the outbreak, helpful resources and latest news.

coronavirus-imageAn emerging infectious respiratory disease or new coronavirus, now called COVID-19, was identified in Wuhan, China, in December. Public health officials across the globe are closely monitoring the outbreak and spread of the disease. Below, you will find:

  • How the UWSOP is assisting in drug research response
  • Links to the latest information on what authorities know about the disease
  • How UW scientists are sharing their expertise via the news media

UWSOP experts study SARS, HIV and malaria treatments in search of COVID-19 cure

Where to go for information

For public health professionals

News stories

Why travel restrictions aren’t stopping the coronavirus (National Geographic) – quotes Nicole Errett

More Americans worry about flu than new virus (Associated Press) – interviews Janet Baseman

Coronavirus forum brings experts together at UW (Q-13 TV) – features the MetaCenter for Pandemic Preparedness and Global Health Security and interviews public health student Nandita Somayaji

Seattle scientists, partners closing in on coronavirus vaccine (KOMO News) – quotes Rhea Coler

Olympia woman tests positive for coronavirus after cruise (My Northwest) – quotes Peter Rabinowitz

Coronavirus has U.S. cities stretching to monitor self-quarantined Americans (Wall Street Journal) – mentions UW public health students on the SEAL Team

Coronavirus infection found after cruise ship passengers disperse (New York Times) – quotes Peter Rabinowitz

Home quarantine for travelers buys time as new virus spreads (Associated Press) – features photo of epidemiology student Erika Feutz

Coronavirus ‘hits all the hot buttons’ for how we misjudge risk (New York Times) – mentions UW faculty and students

The coronavirus outbreak has upended office life in Asia, revealing a massive gap in who can count on having a job (Business Insider India) – quotes Marissa Baker

Government extends 14-day ban on tourists traveling from China (Australia Broadcast Corp.) – interviews Peter Rabinowitz

Coronavirus cases seemed to be leveling off — not anymore (New York Times) – quotes Peter Rabinowitz

Huge shelters for coronavirus patients pose new risks, experts fear (New York Times) – quotes Nicole Errett

UW expert answers questions about the novel coronavirus pandemic (UW News) – features soundbites and B-roll with Judith Wasserheit

Cruise ship coronavirus infections double, exceeding the total for any country but China (Washington Post) – quotes Peter Rabinowitz

Can face masks prevent coronavirus? Experts say that depends (Time) – Peter Rabinowitz

Jump in coronavirus cases on ship poses a critical test for Japan (New York Times) – quotes Peter Rabinowitz and John Lynch

Inundated with flu patients, U.S. hospitals brace for coronavirus (New York Times) – quotes Nicole Errett

Are travel bans effective? (DEOHS) – features Nicole Errett

Robust public-health prevention is key to contain coronavirus (Seattle Times) — op-ed by Ann Marie Kimball

Face mask hoarders may raise risk of coronavirus outbreak in the US (New York Times) – quotes Peter Rabinowitz

Your most pressing questions about the coronavirus, answered (Science News) – quotes Trevor Bedford

Why Washington state’s health experts aren’t panicking yet about the Wuhan coronavirus (Seattle Times) – quotes Janet Baseman

Coronavirus: Symptoms, Treatments and Science (New York Times) – quotes Peter Rabinowitz

Response To 1st Coronavirus Case In Washington State Draws On Lessons From Measles (NPR) – features Janet Baseman

Tracking the coronavirus epidemic from Wuhan to the world (Fred Hutch) – features Trevor Bedford

Q&A Dr. Jeff Duchin, Health Officer for Public Health – Seattle King County (Public Health Insider)

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