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Meet the Plein Certificate Alumni: Grant Walker, PharmD

Grant Walker, PharmD, ’10

Grant Walker, PharmD, ’10, is a pharmacist at Mercury Pharmacy Services where he staffs the pharmacy and works as a consultant. He earned his Plein Certificate in Geriatric Pharmacy in 2010

Grant told us he chose to specialize in geriatrics because of the aging population and, “my awesome relationship with my grandparents. I like old people!”

The Plein Geriatric Pharmacy Certificate gave him the confidence to know which medications are not beneficial in older adults, and which resources to refer to.

“What stands out about the Plein Geriatric Pharmacy Certificate program was the unique opportunity it provided to attain geriatric experience while in still in pharmacy school.”—Grant Walker, PharmD, UWSOP Alumnus

Grant described earning the Plein Certificate as a great way to get fundamental therapeutics knowledge in geriatrics that he could then build on for the rest of his career. The training and education as part of the Certificate gave him insight into the world of long-term care, and helped him see how different this care setting is compared to hospital or retail pharmacy.

Outside of his work helping older adults, Grant enjoys playing golf and shared that a hidden talent of his is creative non-fiction writing. As for coffee, he likes it “strong and black, no funny business.”


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