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Medicinal Chemistry Graduate Fellowship Support

Graduate students are at the heart of our most innovative and impactful work in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry — including mechanistic studies of infection by HIV and COVID19, cutting edge mass spectrometry studies, characterization of biologics used to treat cancer and autoimmune disease, and our continued leadership in drug metabolism. Our graduate students are inspired researchers who propel the University of Washington School of Pharmacy forward with their tireless inquiry and exploration.

Our future vitality and reputation hinges on our ability to attract the most sought-after graduate students and fellowship candidates from around the world. Our challenge? Top public and private peer institutions are looking to recruit these same stellar graduate students and are often better-positioned due to their robust graduate support funding. To maintain and elevate our excellence in the years to come, we need enhanced resources for strategic recruitment and retention.

Many of our faculty have established endowed fellowships to provide key funding to graduate students when state resources are insufficient. We are very grateful for all the support our alumni have provided in recent years. We hope that we can count on you to rise to our challenge to reach the milestone of $100k to support our graduate students. Together, we can ensure the department’s graduate training legacy will continue to grow and thrive for years to come.

William Atkins
Sid Nelson Endowed Professor, Chair
Department of Medicinal Chemistry
University of Washington School of Pharmacy

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