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Drs. Ho and Gibaldi Team Up on Landmark Therapeutics Book

bookFor the first time, a comprehensive study of biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals has been completed by two luminaries in pharmaceutical sciences, Drs. Rodney J.Y. Ho and Milo Gibaldi. These two pharmacy faculty members have collaborated on a book that details the process of transforming proteins and genes into biopharmaceuticals, and the medical application of biologics, including cell and gene therapeutics. The publication of this much anticipated book, scheduled for this July, marks the first time these two important areas of pharmacy have been studied together.

The book describes how proteins and genes can be transformed into drugs, how biologic therapies are used in the treatment of disease, and how biotechnology has changed medical practice. For the first time, a comprehensive mass of information has been integrated to describe clearly the path from discovery of biopharmaceuticals to the treatment of patients. The well-written text contains information to serve the novice as well as the experienced pharmaceutical scientist. Part II of the book discuss pharmacologic and pharmacokinetic basis of therapeutic responses of biologics that often exhibit across several therapeutic area. Monographs for respective biopharmaceuticals are also included as a ready reference for pharmacist and clinicians.

The book appeals to clinical practitioners and research scientists alike. Among the issues their book addresses are genomics and proteomics in drug discovery, and the process of transforming a biologic macromolecule into a therapeutic agent that can be delivered as a pharmaceutical dosage to a patient. Readers can expect to learn the tools for understanding the role that biotechnology plays in the discovery and development of therapeutic drugs.

Dr. Gibaldi, who is leaving the School of Pharmacy this June to be closer to family, has been with the School of Pharmacy for 25 years, held the position as Dean for 17 years, and is now a professor in the Department of Pharmaceutics. He has been a leading pharmacy investigator in the area of drug therapy and has received numerous awards for his extensive research in this field. Dr. Ho, also an esteemed professor in the Department of Pharmaceutics, is known for his successful biomedical research in the area of drug delivery and disposition.

Book Title—Biotechnology and Biopharmaceuticals: Transforming Proteins and Genes into Drugs

Authors—Rodney J.Y. Ho, Milo Gibaldi

Paperback, 530 pages

Publishing Date—July 2003

Cost–$79.95 U.S. / $119.95 CAN

For those interested in purchasing this book, visit the department’s web site, or in the U.S. call 877.762.2974. In Canada, call 800.567-4797.



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