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COVID-19 Vaccination A Family Affair For SOP Student

A graduate student administers the COVID-19 vaccineWhile recently volunteering at a COVID-19 vaccination clinic hosted by Kelley-Ross Pharmacy in Seattle, UWSOP’s Uyen Nguyen, a PY3 PharmD student, was assigned a very special patient: her husband, Albert Chan.

Albert, who works as a pharmacist at CVS Pharmacy, was one of many patients vaccinated by Uyen and her colleagues. So far this year, more than 85 UWSOP students have administered the COVID-19 vaccine at clinics across Washington State.

“It has been an honor to be a part of the vaccination clinics hosted by the Kelley-Ross pharmacy and I truly appreciate the opportunity,” said Uyen, who has volunteered at two clinics sponsored by the pharmacy. “I am proud to help with the COVID vaccination effort and I believe this learning experience is once-in-a-lifetime during this unprecedented global crisis.”