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Casanova named 2019 Wayne A. Kradjan Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award Recipient

Tony Casanova: 2019 Wayne A. Kradjan Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award Recipient

The Wayne A. Kradjan Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award is presented annually to one outstanding UWSOP Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) preceptor. Congratulations to Tony Casanova, Emergency Department Pharmacist Specialist at CHI Franciscan St. Joseph Medical Center, who was honored for 2019. Tony started serving as a UWSOP preceptor in 2008 and all the students have acknowledged him for his ability to teach and challenge them.

Good preceptors are good facilitators. They set up a learning environment that allows students to build independent practice skills, exemplified by what this student said: “At the beginning of this rotation, I was immediately thrown into full participation in all aspect of patient care. Tony challenged me to rise to the standards he had for himself and students, and brought me quickly up to speed. I was a participating and useful member of the team by the end of my fourth day.”

Another student shared that “Tony managed to be a full-time teacher during our days together, all while performing his daily tasks with mechanical efficiency. He did not sacrifice patient care to teach me things, and yet he did not sacrifice my education to ‘do his job’ either. I am grateful to have had him as a preceptor.”

Tony loves seeing the excitement in the students’ face when they recognize the difference they have made.

“Pharmacists truly can impact a life in so many ways. The excitement and joy that we all have, including students, when we recognize that our many years of schooling have allowed us to have a lasting impact on another person’s life is truly rewarding.” –Tony Casanova

His tip for new preceptors is to have the willingness to adapt – having an open attitude to adapting to personalities, learning styles and changing landscape is a necessity as a preceptor. When asked about ways to motivate and engage students, he shares that his most successful approach is to lead by example. He stresses hard work and independence to our students and recognizes that in order for students to become independent, they need a good role model and a good efficient process.

Given that the emergency department is a new environment to many and can be quite overwhelming, showing students which patients they should be involved with is key. From there, students need to develop their own efficient process that works for their learning and practice style. Tony’s precepting philosophy is to recognize and support people’s differences and lead by example.

Congratulations Tony and thank you for all you do to train our Husky Pharmacists!

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