January 24, 2020

UW Pharmaceutics welcomes EU Research Council President and Nano scientist Mauro Ferrari

Mauro Ferrari

President of the European Research Council and Chief Architect of the Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer, Dr. Mauro Ferrari, joins the UWSOP faculty

Global Nano scientist and innovator, Dr. Mauro Ferrari, previously Chief Commercialization Officer and Executive Vice President of Houston Methodist Hospital, has joined the Department of Pharmaceutics at the University of Washington School of Pharmacy as an Affiliate Professor on December 1, 2019.

“We are delighted to have Dr Ferrari join us in the Department of Pharmaceutics. His scientific experience in translational medicine, leadership, and entrepreneurship will be a great addition to the Department. We look forward to having Dr Ferrari share his expertise, passion for science and his mentoring skills with our junior faculty and trainees, while building strong collaborations with his research program across campus.” – Nina Isoherranen, Chair, Department of Pharmaceutics

Dr. Ferrari is one of the founders of Nano medicine. He was chief architect of the Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer in 2004 at the National Cancer Institute, which has since been the world’s largest programs in medical nanotechnology. He moved to Houston in 2006 to join the faculty of UT Health, the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Rice University, prior to accepting the position of President and CEO of the Houston Methodist Research Institute, and EVP of the Houston Methodist Hospital.

In 2016, his research team made headlines with a new cancer treatment that generates nanoparticles loaded with a chemotherapeutic directly inside cancer metastases. Termed “TransTherapeutics” this new class of drugs shows unprecedented efficacy in animal models, and minimizes collateral damage to healthy tissue, thus allowing more sustained and aggressive treatment. Dr. Ferrari‘s research has led to developing new technologies for health care applications like drug delivery and regenerative medicine.

“Mauro will bring an exciting, new area of translational nanomedicine cancer research to the School of Pharmacy. His years of experience as mentor and scientist will add to the already deep experience of the Department of Pharmaceutics in drug delivery science. Our faculty and students are thrilled to welcome Mauro to the University of Washington.” – Sean D. Sullivan, Dean, School of Pharmacy.

Dr.Ferrari has 480 publications to his name, with over 20,000 citations.  He holds dozens of patents for inventions including different varieties of medicinal nanoparticles and drug delivery implants.

Dr. Ferrari started his studies as a mathematical physicist at the University of Padua in Italy and then received a masters and a doctorate in mechanical engineering at the University of California Berkeley, where he also became a tenured professor of engineering. He then studied medicine at the Ohio State University, where he served as tenured professor, department chair, and associate vice president for health science technology and commercialization.

Dr. Ferrari will serve concurrently with his role as the president of the European Research Council (ERC) starting January 1, 2020, a position that allows pre-approved external academic activities.

The ERC awards some of the most prestigious research grants in Europe, supporting the best scientists at different stages of their careers, from starting grants for young researchers, to advanced grants for leaders in their fields.


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