Senior Care Clerkships (PHARMP 577)


The general objectives and activities of each of the senior care pharmacy clerkships are similar; the specific activities and objectives vary with the practice settings. Major responsibilities are to assess patient needs and to make recommendations on complex drug therapies for older adults. All clerkships feature interdisciplinary care and follow-up and ongoing patient monitoring. Students are expected to present (either alone or as a member of a team) an in-service for professional staff and/or a talk for residents of a retirement home or clients of a senior center. Generally, preceptors for senior care clerkships require that students have a general medicine clerkship prior to the senior care clerkship.

General Information

Clerkship Length

  • A minimum of 6 credits is required for clerkships to fulfill the certificate requirements. Students are encouraged to take additional clerkships in order to prepare for providing care to seniors.
  • Many senior care clerkships are offered part-time (less than 40 hours per week). The combination of two part-time clerkships is allowed if days and times are compatible. As an example, a student could take a nursing home or continuing care clerkship on a two days per week schedule (20 hours), plus an outpatient clinic two or three days per week (20 hours) for a total of 40 hours on-site per week for eight weeks (320 hours), which would earn 12 credits.

Potential Clerkship Sites


  • Bob Johnson’s Pharmacy
  • Foss Home
  • Harborview Neurology/Rehab Medicine
  • Harborview Interprofessional Geriatrics Service
  • Kelley-Ross Long Term Care Pharmacy
  • UW Pharmacy Cares
  • Providence Infusion and Pharmacy Services
  • PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center


  • Evergreen Senior Health Services
  • Overlake Senior Health Center

Registration Information
PharmD students should register using the appropriate geriatrics course number listed with the specific clerkship:

  • PHARMP 577P (APPE Senior Care) 6 credits