Each proposal should be between three and five typewritten, single-spaced pages; the first page should begin with a title and the names of the applicant(s).

The proposal must include:

  • Stated research hypothesis or objectives
  • Description of the project
  • Specification of how it relates to the guidelines (see below)
  • Research methodology, including the evaluation of the project, and a time line
  • Budget contained in no more than one additional page, which includes the cost of research (i.e. honoraria, materials, supplies, travel, equipment, etc.)
  • These awards do not cover Principal Investigator salary offset or indirect costs.
  • Travel cannot be a substantial portion of the proposed budget
  • Disclosure of all existing and pending grant funding, if any, in the proposal with explanations for potential and apparent overlap with the submitted application
  • If the proposed research involves the use of human subjects (either directly or through patient records or other data such as specimens or autopsy materials), IRB approval is required by federal, state, and university regulations. Final funding is contingent upon verification of IRB approval. If needed our office can provide administrative support in preparing an IRB application once the award has been approved. For additional information on the UW IRB procedures, please consult the Human Subjects web site at IRB review can potentially take 2-6 months to finalize
  • Student applicants are required to include a letter of support from their faculty mentor(s)
  • Research assistants/associates or staff scientists are required to submit a letter of support from their faculty supervisor for the proposed research. The research that is proposed should be in-line with the mission and program of the lab in which they are employed
  • Resume/CV for the Principal Investigator (PI) and each Co-Investigator listed , along with the mentoring faculty for student applicants, is(are) required

Plein Sample Proposal (PDF)

Plein Sample Budget (PDF)

Send proposals to:

Elmer M. Plein Endowed Research Fund, c/o Zach Marcum, PharmD, University of Washington, School of Pharmacy, email proposals to: In a cover letter, please state principal contact name, names, phone numbers, and email contact of additional proposers, and campus affiliations if any.

Selection Process:

A committee composed of School-based and clinical and/or affiliate faculty will review proposals and recommend funding to the Chair of the Department of Pharmacy. Final selection will be made by the Chair, with concurrence from the Dean. Criteria considered in selecting the proposals to be funded are:

  1. Potential for activity to improve patient outcomes or pharmacy education.
  2. Clarity of proposal methods and the potential to achieve project objectives.
  3. Qualifications of applicant(s) to carry out the project.
  4. Potential for the project to lead to further research or development of innovative practice; and
  5. Appropriateness of budget.