Student Services

The overall mission of student advising in the PharmD program is to enhance the quality of the UW PharmD student experience, from academic success to professional growth and personal well-being. Staff and faculty advisors provide personalized guidance to PharmD students, referring to UW and community resources as needed.

Students may contact us for any of the following topics.

General Advising

  • On-boarding
  • Student Financial Assistance
  • Washington State Residency
  • International Students
  • Enrollment verification
  • Intern Pharmacist Registration
  • Intern positions

Academic Advising

  • Registration
  • Elective options
  • Academic progression or remediation
  • Certificates and Curricular Enhancements
  • Concurrent degree programs
  • Study resources
  • Grading
  • Dean’s List and APPE Dean’s List
  • Letters of recommendation
  • WIP
  • IPPE
  • APPE
  • Professional Development
  • Graduation awards
  • Graduation application
  • Grievance: types and process outline
  • Professional conduct

Health and Well-being

  • Emergency Triage
  • Health Insurance
  • UW Health and Behavioral Health resources
  • Referral to Counseling
  • Washington Recovery Assistance Program for Pharmacy – WRAPP
  • Disability Resources for Students
  • Referral to legal counsel