School of Pharmacy and University Committees

Academic and Professional Progress Committee

To review student academic progress, monitor and enforce academic policies and make recommendations to the Dean regarding student probation and dismissal, approval of a leave of absence or an expanded curricular program, and other ad hoc duties as assigned by the Dean.

Assessment Committee

To formulate, refine, and manage an overall assessment plan for the professional degree program; identify critical assessment needs, processes, tools, and data sources; define the infrastructure and resources needed to manage program assessment; and implement the assessment plan.

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee, on behalf of the faculty, directs ongoing and systematic curricular development, evaluation, and improvement to ensure that the curriculum is consistent with the collective vision of the faculty and administration. The current faculty vision for the curriculum is that educational opportunities at the University of Washington School of Pharmacy provide the coursework and pharmacy practice experiences necessary for graduates in the PharmD program to demonstrate general and professional abilities.

Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS)

The University of Washington Graduate & Professional Student Senate (GPSS) is the official student government for graduate and professional students at the University of Washington. GPSS is comprised of two senators from each degree-granting department, four officers, and several staff members. GPSS represents students to the University and the Legislature, funds graduate programming, and hosts regular social events.

Health Sciences Library Graduate & Professional Student Advisory Committee

The HSL Graduate & Professional Student Advisory Committee (HSL GPS-LAC) is an interdisciplinary group, including members from both Graduate and Professional degree programs in Health Sciences.

Pharmacy Alumni Association Student Representatives

The Pharmacy Alumni Association (PAA) selects a few current PharmD students, who serve as PAA Student Class Representatives. These students act as liaisons between the PAA Board and the PharmD student body to facilitate communication between the two groups, and to encourage mutual awareness and support of the activities and goals of each group. The Board meets three times per year in addition to hosting annual alumni events.

Responsibilities of the PAA Student Representatives may include:

  • Share the information you learn at PAA Board meetings with fellow students and bring news of your student activities to the PAA Board
  • When possible, help out at PAA events

This is a great opportunity to get to know the alumni board and network with other UW grads in the pharmacy community.

Senior Leadership Committee

The Senior Leadership Committee serves as advisory to the Dean and as liaison to the faculty and students. PharmD Student representation on this Committee includes one of the elected Student Representatives from each program year. These student Committee members will typically retain their appointments into the next year if they continue as elected Student Reps. However, if new Student Class Reps are elected from one year to the next, one of the elected Reps will be chosen as the new Senior Leadership Committee member.

Student & Preceptor Experiential Advisory Committee (SPEAC)

The purpose of the Student & Preceptor Experiential Advisory Committee (SPEAC) is to foster communication and collaboration and to forecast needs for operations and development of the School of Pharmacy’s Experiential Education program. Through this committee, both students and preceptors provide guidance, input, and planning advice to Experiential Education faculty and staff to help improve and shape our program.