Student Organizations and Activities

Students in the School of Pharmacy have the opportunity to participate in a variety of student organizations and activities, including our local chapters of National pharmacy organizations, outreach events, and more. Students may also serve as elected or appointed student representatives on a number of School of Pharmacy and University committees and/or advisory groups. Participation in student organizations and extracurricular activities offers the opportunity for professional and personal development, additional extracurricular learning, community, networking, and service. If you have an interest in a particular organization or activity, please contact the appropriate faculty advisor or student organization president for more information, or contact Student Affairs

Rosters will be available on the UW PharmD Canvas page (opens in new window).

Funding Requests

  1. Students seeking approval to use School of Pharmacy funds (e.g., travel support, student organization supplies, refreshments, etc. ) must submit a Funding Request Form by the deadline specified for Conference Travel or at least 10 business days before an intended non-travel expenditure.
  2. A confirmation email will be sent to you, and then a decision email will follow.
  3. If you receive approval, you may proceed with making expenditures. Making expenditures before you have secured approval could result in a situation in which you cannot recoup the personal funds you have spent.
  4. The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs will make the approval decisions on student funding requests.
  5. The Funding Request Form is used to request approval to use funds managed by the School of Pharmacy for travel expenses, supplies, registrations, refreshments, and other expenditures related to the overall mission of the School. Note: alcohol purchases are not reimbursable.
  6. Funding support may come in the form of advance payment made on your behalf by Student Affairs or reimbursement after you have made purchases using personal funds.
  7. Submission of the Funding Request Form is required even if there is an implicit expectation of funding availability, such as the historical practice of allotting funding to student organizations every year.
  8. Students receiving approval for reimbursement from the School of Pharmacy must keep all receipts or invoices and submit them to the Administrative Director. The only exception to the receipt requirement is for meals-related expenses incurred during approved travel. Electronic scans of receipts are acceptable as long as they are of high quality.

Eligibility for Student Organization Leadership Positions

Participation in extracurricular activities, particularly in leadership roles, offers opportunities for professional growth, career development, etc.; however, these same opportunities may place a burden on students which may affect their academic performance, progression in the program and/or health/well-being. For these reasons, students seeking elected or appointed office in student organizations must be in good academic standing and have a 2.5 Professional and Cumulative GPA. Students with GPAs below 2.5 may submit a letter to organization advisors asking for consideration of running for elected office/appointment. The Academic and Professional Progress Committee will also review these requests and make their final recommendation. This standard has been established with the intent of providing support for successful completion of the academic component of our PharmD program.

Student Achievement Database

Graduate and professional students at the UW School of Pharmacy are involved in numerous co- curricular and extra-curricular activities during their course of study (i.e., travel, publications, monetary awards, achievement awards, competitions, presentations or posters, civic/government activity, elected/appointed positions). These achievements reflect the students’ high level of academic competence, professional engagement, and overall potential to succeed in their field. Collecting this information systematically allows us to enhance program promotion, raise internal and external awareness of student activity, and meet accreditation requirements.

The Student Achievement Database is designed to centralize the storage of student achievement information, define the flow of student achievement information as it becomes available through a variety of sources, and provide easy access to student achievement information for the purpose of internal and external reporting.


  1. Student Affairs staff solicits achievement information directly from students via email and apprises department Chairs so they can encourage individual students to submit information.
  2. Individual students self-report achievements using the online submission form.
  3. The information is captured in a simple database that makes use of categories, filtering, and sorting to facilitate easy production of reports.
  4. The Director of Communications and the Student Affairs staff access the database for the purpose of internal and external reporting.

Submission Form

The form is available online as a Google Form (opens in new window).

Student Organization Resource Center (SORC)

HUB 111, 206-221-3327 or

The Student Organization Resource Center provides valuable support for UW Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), including access to technology, equipment, space and other materials.