Conference Travel

PharmD students can apply for funding to help cover participation in professional meetings, conferences, competitions, and conventions. The purpose of this funding is to provide the opportunity for professional development, experience, networking, career-building, and education. Review the policies and guidelines below and then submit a Funding Request Form (UW NetID login) by the relevant deadline.


All matriculated students in the PharmD program are eligible to apply for funding. Priority is given to students presenting scholarly work, contributing to committee activity, or participating in skills competitions. In some cases class year is used as a deciding factor.


Funding is limited to travel expenses defined by the UW Travel Guidelines. The total amount available is limited, and only 10 – 20 students per year are expected to receive travel funding.

Expected Outcomes

When using School funds or when participating in any professional activity, student pharmacists are representing the School and are expected to behave in a professional manner at all times.

Given the purpose of travel funding, recipients are expected to participate fully in conference activity. Students will be expected to submit a listing of the sessions, workshops, and classes they attended and a brief summary of their learning.

General Travel Policies

  • Prior approval is required for all travel involving School of Pharmacy funding and requiring logistical support (such as the booking of flights, etc.).
  • Expect to use personal funds to cover at least a portion of travel expenses before your trip and get reimbursed following your trip. The expense you will most likely have to incur yourself is lodging.
  • The “cap” mentioned above (see Restrictions) may supersede other restrictions such as maximum hotel rates, maximum per diem rates, As a result, only a portion of your total cost may be covered.
  • In most cases involving out of state travel, plan to arrive at the destination one day before an event begins and leave the site one day after the event ends (particularly if the event ends after 12 noon). In some cases involving local or regional travel, you may find it possible to arrive on the day the event begins and leave on the day it ends.
  • If you are interested in adding personal travel before or after a conference or professional meeting, you must include the dates and destinations of the additional leg(s) when submitting the Approval Meals (per diem) and other expenses will not be reimbursed during personal travel.
  • Excess costs, circuitous routes, unnecessary delays, luxury accommodations, or any other unnecessary or unjustifiable expense are not acceptable and will not be reimbursed.


Meal expenses are generally reimbursed at established Per Diem rates; therefore receipts for meals are not needed for reimbursement. Students will not receive meal reimbursement (per diem) if meals were provided at an event (i.e., a conference, etc.). Per Diem eligibility begins when student leaves home for the airport and returns home from the airport.


If your approved travel support includes conference registration, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs can make this purchase on your behalf in advance of the event, eliminating the need for you to use personal funds.


The recommended approach is to work with LaJuan Donaldson at STA Travel to make flight arrangements; this approach eliminates the need for you to use personal funds for this leg of Inform LaJuan that you are making travel arrangements with funding provided by School of Pharmacy. List Andrew Brusletten as the contact. She will contact Andrew for approval and proceed with the purchase. You may research flights yourself and present your preferred flight option to LaJuan so that she can book it. The most cost-effective fares are non-refundable (i.e., they come with a $200 change fee). The alternative is to use “Contract fares,” which tend to be much more expensive (i.e., up to twice the price of non-contract fares) but offer cancellation options. Another approach is to book the flight yourself using personal funds and then submit the receipt of payment for reimbursement after the trip. If you decide to change or cancel a flight with the STA agent, you must notify the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs of the changes.

Local Transportation

Taxi and Uber expenses are reimbursable for necessary travel between airport, the conference site, and the Receipts are required for reimbursement. Trips to other local destinations (sightseeing, nightlife, etc.) are not reimbursable. You are encouraged to use free shuttles if they are available.


You are free to share lodging arrangements with other students in order to maximize funding. However, in this case, when checking out from the hotel, you must request a “guest folio” or final invoice showing your individual name and individual amount to be reimbursed. We will not accept a receipt showing only the name of the person who paid on behalf of other students. If you do not produce this individual receipt when you return, you or the other students who shared your accommodations may not get reimbursed.


Submit all receipts to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs within 3 weeks of your return to campus. To maximize efficiency of processing, send them scanned in a single email. Include a listing of the sessions, workshops, and classes you attended and a brief summary of your learning.

The Approval Form you submitted prior to your trip will be sent along with the receipts to our Financial Manager for processing. She will contact you when your reimbursement check is available for you to pick up.

Conference Travel Deadlines

The conferences listed below may be of interest to student pharmacists seeking opportunities for professional development, experience, networking, career-building, and education. Students interested in applying for conference travel funding must submit the Funding Request Form by the deadline corresponding to the conference they wish to attend. Late submissions will be considered case by case.

Conference Name Month Application Deadline
AMCP Educational Conference October October 7
ACCP Annual Meeting October October 7
NCPA Annual Convention and Trade Exposition October October 7
APhA-ASP Midyear Regional Meeting October October 7
ASCP Annual Meeting & Exhibition November October 7
WSPA Annual Meeting November October 15
ASHP Mid-Year Meeting December November 15
WSPA Annual Continuing Education Seminar January December 1
APhA-ASP Patient Counseling Competition March February 15
APhA Annual Meeting March February 15
IHI West Coast Conference April February 15
AMCP Annual Meeting April February 15
ACCP Spring Meeting April March 1
IHI Clarion Competition April March 1
IPC Member Conference April March 15
Northwest Pharmacy Convention May April 15
American Geriatrics Society (AGS) Meeting May April 15
ASHP Summer Meeting June April 15
APhA-ASP Student Leadership Institute July June 1
AACP Annual Meeting July June 1
SNPhA Annual Meeting July June 15
LKS Annual Convention July June 15

Kvam Endowed Fund in Pharmaceutical Compounding

The purpose of the Kvam Endowed Fund in Pharmaceutical Compounding (i.e., the “Kvam Fund”) is to provide support for the advancement of compounding education in the UW School of Pharmacy.

Scholarships made from this fund cover travel and registration expenses for students attending the Pharmaceutics Institute in Compounding at the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA).

Recipients of the Kvam Fund will be given information defining policies and procedures pertaining specifically to this scholarship opportunity. Contact the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs to request this information.