Policy on Substance Abuse

Incumbent upon the profession of pharmacy is the basic responsibility to hold foremost the health and safety of the public. Society has vested this profession with the opportunity for research in the development, design, storage, and application of drugs, as well as the trust to obtain, safeguard and distribute these substances. Every member of this profession must ensure that this trust is honored.

At the School of Pharmacy, we view entry into the profession as occurring when a student enrolls in an academic pharmacy program. All pharmacy students are therefore identified as members of the profession. Every student must accept the central responsibility of the profession to assure that drugs are used in a safe and effective manner for the promotion of rational drug therapy according to all regulatory guidelines.

The possession and consumption of alcoholic drinks are not permitted on campus except when a state banquet permit has been obtained. In all instances Washington State alcohol laws must be followed. The illegal possession or use of alcohol or drugs on the campus is prohibited and will result in the appropriate steps by the University Police. This can result in disciplinary sanctions under the Student Conduct Code, including dismissal from the University.

It is a violation of law, professional practice standards and University policy for any student enrolled in the School of Pharmacy or any program under the jurisdiction of the School of Pharmacy to engage in the synthesis, manufacture, distribution or sale of a controlled substance for unlawful purposes. Any student found to have violated this policy will be dismissed from the School of Pharmacy and any program administered by its departments. The University of Washington student disciplinary procedure (University of Washington Handbook, Vol. 3, Student Conduct Code and other Regulations, Paragraph III, Chapter 1, Sections 1-12) will be followed to determine if such violations have occurred.

Alcoholism and drug abuse are recognized as treatable illnesses and such treatment is encouraged by the University. Any student, faculty or staff member requiring assistance with an alcohol or other chemical dependency problem is encouraged to contact the Washington Recovery Assistance Program for Pharmacy (WRAPP) by calling 1-800-446-7220. WRAPP is a confidential, non-coercive peer assistance program, which provides assistance in the identification, referral for treatment, recovery support and rehabilitation of the impaired pharmacist, pharmacy technician or student. All requests for information and/or assistance are held in strict confidence. As dictated by the WRAPP evaluation and treatment contracts, the School of Pharmacy and/or of the Washington State Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission (PQAC) are not notified by WRAPP of an individual’s chemical dependency problem unless there is noncompliance with recommended evaluation and/or treatment. Other resources available on campus that offer counseling and other forms of treatment for alcohol- and drug-related problems, as well as preventative education programs, include the Hall Health Center and the Counseling Center.

Students with concerns are encouraged to contact the Director of Advising and Student Success for referral to resources. All communications will be kept CONFIDENTIAL.