Health Insurance and Immunization Policies

Health Insurance Policy

Student responsibility: Students in the PharmD Program are responsible for securing their own health insurance. In addition to personal health and wellness needs and routine or emergency care, the practice of pharmacy has inherent risks in working with patients with communicable diseases, including the potential for accidental exposure to blood-borne pathogens. In addition, clinical training sites may require proof of health insurance prior to a student beginning a WIP, IPPE, or APPE rotation.

Federal Law: Under the Affordable Care Act, most Americans are required to have minimum essential health insurance coverage, or pay a For more information about the Affordable Care Act, and for a link to the Insurance Marketplace, visit the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Health Care page.

Health Sciences Immunization Program (HSIP) and Annual Health Fee

Required Immunizations for Health Sciences Students: Health Sciences students at the University of Washington must meet the requirements of the Health Sciences Immunization Program (HSIP), including completion and documentation of required immunizations, as well as testing for tuberculosis. Students in all UW Health Sciences programs must comply with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations for health care personnel regarding immunizations, immune status, and TB screening. The CDC recommendations may change during a student’s tenure in a UW Health Sciences program. If the CDC recommendations change after the student meets initial HSIP requirements, the student is required to comply with the updated CDC recommendations until the completion of their degree program. PharmD students will also need to comply with site-specific requirements that may be imposed by clinical training sites.

All Health Sciences students must pay the annual Health Fee, which covers the cost of administering HSIP. For complete information about required immunizations, tuberculosis screening, forms, Frequently Asked Questions, and more, visit the Health Sciences Immunization Program (HSIP) website.

Upon admission to the program, all students will be directed to create a Castle Branch account for the purposes of submitting documentation and tracking compliance with HSIP requirements.  Students are responsible for compliance with HSIP requirements upon entry into the program and throughout enrollment, including the annual requirements related to influenza vaccination and tuberculosis testing.  Students should submit updated records related to immunization and testing requirements via their Castle Branch account. Failure to maintain compliance with HSIP requirements will result in a hold being placed by HSIP on a student’s registration, denying access to courses. In addition, students not in compliance must be removed from practicum or clinical sites until the requirements are met. This may jeopardize timely completion of the PharmD program.

For questions regarding immunizations and HSIP requirements, email or call HSIP staff at 206-616-9074.