Final Examination Policy

School of Pharmacy final examinations are administered in accordance with the University of Washington Final Examination Guidelines, and follow the Quarterly Final Exam Schedules posted in the Academic Calendar. Students may be required to take more than one final exam on the same day or the evening before or morning after another exam. Students wishing to change the date and/or time of a final exam must first consult with the coursemaster. Such a change requires agreement by all students in the course, as well as the coursemaster, and must be approved by the Dean. Review the UW Final Examination Guidelines for further information.

UW Grading Procedures

Except in case of error, no instructor may change a grade that he or she has turned in to the Registrar. Grades cannot be changed after a degree has been granted. Students who believe they have been given an erroneous grade should first consult with the course instructor. If not satisfied, additional steps can be taken, including the Department Chair and/or Dean, and must be acted upon within no more than ten days after the initial meeting with the instructor. Please review the UW Grade Appeal Procedure for details on how to appeal a grade.

Grade Reports

To protect student privacy and comply with federal regulations, grades are not sent via postal or electronic mail. You may display and print a grade report through MyUW (opens in new window).