Academic and Professional Policies and Procedures

Admissions, Retention, and Graduation Requirements

The University of Washington School of Pharmacy (UWSOP) endeavors to select applicants who have the ability to become highly competent pharmacists. As an accredited pharmacy school, the UWSOP adheres to the guidelines established by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. Within these guidelines, the UWSOP has the freedom and ultimate responsibility for the selection of students; the design, implementation, and evaluation of its curriculum; the evaluation of students; and the determination of who should be awarded a degree. Admission and retention decisions are based not only on satisfactory academic achievement, but also on non-academic factors that serve to ensure that the candidate can complete the essential functions of the academic program required for graduation.

The Admission, Retention, and Graduation Requirements are also reliant on additional requirements and policies as outlined at the following links:

Students must meet the following standards for admissions, retention, and graduation to successfully complete the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree at the University of Washington.


The UWSOP has the responsibility to the public to produce competent pharmacists. It is important that persons admitted possess the intelligence, verbal and written communication skills, integrity, compassion, humanitarian concern, and physical and emotional capacity necessary to practice pharmacy. To be admitted to the Doctor of Pharmacy program, one must submit a complete application, satisfy all prerequisites, participate in an interview, and receive a positive recommendation from the PharmD Admissions Committee.

Retention and Progression

There is a basic assumption that every individual admitted to the School can and should make satisfactory progress toward graduation. The Academic and Professional Progress Committee (APPC) and individual students have a shared responsibility to meet academic and professional standards, and decisions of the APPC regarding progression are made on an individual but consistent basis.

The policy and procedure related to student progression through the PharmD program Student Progress & Early Intervention Policy and Procedure was adopted May 28, 2020. This policy and procedure relates to:

  • academic progression
  • remediation
  • missed course work or credit
  • academic probation
  • academic dismissal
  • readmission
  • leaves of absence
  • rights to due process and appeal mechanisms (including grade appeals)

This policy and procedure also outlines our system of monitoring student performance for early detection of academic and behavioral issues.

There is an expectation that every student exhibit professional behavior throughout their time enrolled at the University of Washington. In support of the high value placed on academic honesty and professional integrity, acts of misconduct will not be tolerated. Students are expected to honor the UWSOP Policy and Procedures Involving Student Misconduct. The faculty at the UWSOP considers these standards as essential behaviors of admission, retention, and graduation.


Graduation from the UWSOP with the award of the Doctor of Pharmacy degree requires successful completion of all graduation requirements including completion of the 208 credits (core and electives) and professional development enrichment (co-curriculum requirements) as outlined in the curriculum and co-curriculum.

Revised by Faculty in May 2020. Last revised September 2011.