Become a Mentor

Interested in Mentoring?

  • Have you been looking for ways to become more involved in your profession?
  • Have you had career experiences and insights that you’d like to share with students?
  • Are you an experienced pharmacist interested in mentoring student pharmacists at the University of Washington?
  • Are you available to meet a group of students on a regular basis?

About the Program

The mentoring program provides student pharmacists with guidance on career development, personal growth, and collaboration with other professionals. Mentors assist students in the following ways:

  • Facilitate learning about the profession
  • Discuss how to most effectively engage with other professionals, even if conflicts occur
  • Offer advice on personal and leadership development, especially with regard to integrating oneself into a team and assessing one’s impact on team function
  • Promote awareness of career pathway interests, especially to help in developing a plan for 4th year rotations that aligns with a student’s career goals
  • Provide career guidance as students consider their options for internships and beyond graduate endeavors
  • Offer general (emotional) support (a reality check of sorts) to reduce stress
  • Provide students with a connection to the practice and post-graduate community that has the potential for long-standing mentor relationship

What’s the Commitment?

The overall commitment is to meet with a small group of students seven (7) times per year to align with the School curriculum. Meetings take place monthly, excluding the summer and December. The times and dates of mentoring group meetings can be determined to work with your schedule. Mentors are assigned during the spring of the student’s PY2 year and continue until the end of the PY4 year. Implementation of the mentoring program is planned for spring 2021 and continuing through the 2021-2022 academic year.

Key Benefits of Mentoring

  • Opportunity to get to know a small number of students at a deeper level
  • Positively impact the future of pharmacy practice
  • Stay connected with the school of pharmacy and students entering practice
  • Build professional relationships that may recruit future employees
  • Find inspiration by working with student pharmacists who are new to their professional careers
  • Potential for personal and professional growth and development (i.e., strengthen resume, networking, recognition, self-awareness, etc.)
  • Stay current with changes and innovations in education, healthcare, and technology
  • Eligibility for appointment on the clinical faculty of the UW School of Pharmacy (with benefits like UW Library access, resource center, etc.)

What Support is Available?

  • Training and orientation designed to position you for success as a mentor
  • Mentoring Guide including complete information on the program
  • School-based coordination and support
  • Networking activities sponsored by the UW School of Pharmacy


For questions, please contact Bailey Clem, Associate Director of Admissions and Student Professional Development at

Note: if you are interested in participating in the program but are unsure about your ability to commit to regular meetings, consider serving as a Specialty Mentor who is called on to share expertise on a one-time or occasional basis. To serve as a Specialty Mentor, please contact Bailey Clem directly.