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The PharmD Student Handbook (the “Handbook”) has been compiled as a reference for students to use during their course of study in the School of Pharmacy. In some cases the content of the Handbook may reside in online resources outside of the School of Pharmacy (e.g., the University Washington website, State of Washington websites, etc.). In these cases the Handbook will include a brief explanation of the external content and provide a link to the relevant website. Regardless of the source of content, students are responsible for reviewing, understanding, and complying with the policies, procedures, requirements, and deadlines as defined in the Handbook.

The content of the Handbook is subject to change. All changes are effective at such times the proper authorities determine and apply to prospective and matriculated students. Significant revisions to the Handbook which could impact student requirements will be announced via email as well as posted to the Handbook website.

ATTENTION 1st YEAR STUDENTS: please be aware that you are required to submit the Handbook Responsibility Statement (opens in new window), acknowledging that you understand how to access the Handbook website and accept the responsibility to read, understand and adhere to the stated policies, procedures and requirements. If you have questions about the Handbook or any of its contents, please contact Student Services.

We look forward to working with you to help make the next four years challenging, exciting and rewarding!