Preceptor Resources

A number of resources for new and continuing preceptors are listed below. If you have any questions regarding these resources or our program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

UW SOP Guidance for Precepting Students During “COVID Times”

Preceptor Portal

Our Experiential Education Management System Preceptor Portal. You will need a login and password in order to access this information. If you don’t have a login and password, contact us. At this portal, preceptors can:

  • Fill out evaluations online
    • Please note that the majority of evaluations and resources for WIP and IPPE programs are currently housed in WIP SharePoint and IPPE SharePoint. If you have questions about access please email (WIP1 and Health System IPPE) or (WIP2 and Community IPPE).
  • View their student assignments and student’s resumes
  • View the information about their site that is posted electronically
  • Access pertinent policies and procedures
  • View their preceptor performance metrics
For Wednesdays-in-Practice (WIP) Preceptors
Preceptor Newsletter

The Experiential Education team publishes a quarterly newsletter that includes School and program updates, new preceptor resources, and upcoming preceptor development opportunities. Past issues of the newsletter can accessed using the following links:

Preceptor Development & CE
  • Available Now! CE-approved Preceptor Development Modules from the Collaborative Education Institute. These are a series of on-line (audio/slides) educational programs designed specifically for preceptors. These modules are free for preceptors and the directions for access are available in the preceptor portal (preceptor login required).
UW PharmD Student Advising: FAQ for Preceptors
UW PharmD Student Advising provides support to PharmD students across all dimensions of their experience, including academic success, professional growth, and personal well-being. The system takes a coordinated, team-based approach.

This FAQ highlights the unique features of the new student advising model, role of the school-based advisor and the available resources to support our students.