Contact Info and Directions

Physical Location

South Campus Center
Suite 244, Room 250
1601 NE Columbia Road, Box 357631
Seattle, Washington 98195

Mailing Address:

Experiential Education
School of Pharmacy
University of Washington
Mailbox 357631
Seattle WA 98195-7631
Phone (206) 616-8703
Fax (206) 221-2689

For general information please contact:

Thomas Kaghan, BS,, 206-616-8703, SCC 250
Experiential Education Assistant
Contact Thomas for questions about compliance, onboarding requirements, site visits, and general questions.

For questions about Community IPPEs

Monique Chhabra, MA MFT,, 206-543-9427, SCC 250
Experiential Education Coordinator
Contact Monique for questions about the Community Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (deadlines, forms, policies, and records).

For questions about Institutional IPPEs & PY1 Wednesdays-in-Practice

Minh Vo, BS, 206-221-7384, SCC 250
Associate Director of Experiential Education
Contact Minh for questions about Institutional IPPEs and the Wednesdays-in-Practice (WIP) program, placement processes, and site/preceptor orientation for WIP.

For questions about APPEs

Amy Wasell, BA, 206-685-8738, SCC 244G
Director of Operations for Experiential Education
Contact Amy for questions about affiliation agreements and the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (site placement, deadlines, forms, policies, and records).

Experiential Education Faculty

Rachel Allen, PharmD, 206-616-5182
Clinical Assistant Professor; Director, Bracken Pharmacy Learning Center, Community IPPEs
Contact Rachel for questions about the community pharmacy IPPE course, student preparation or progress, and professional behavior.

Jennifer Chang, PharmD, BCPS, 206-543-3480, SCC 246A
Clinical Assistant Professor; Director, Preceptor Development
Contact Jennifer for questions regarding preceptor development and resources.

Jennifer Danielson, PharmD, MBA, CDE, 206-543-1924, SCC 248
Associate Professor; Director, Interprofessional Education & Introductory Practice Experiential Education
Contact Jennifer for questions about the institutional IPPE course, student preparation or progress, and professional behavior.

Rachel Firebaugh, PharmD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor; Preceptor Development
Contact Rachel for questions regarding preceptor development and resources.

Teresa O’Sullivan, PharmD, BCPS, 206-543-3324, SCC 248
Assistant Professor; Director, Advanced Practice Experiential Education
Contact Terri regarding questions about the APPEs, student preparation or progress, and professional behavior.

Stanley S. Weber, PharmD, BCPP, FASHP, 206-616-8762, SCC 246A
Associate Professor; Associate Dean, Chief Assessment Officer
Contact Stan for questions about assessment, the experiential database and website, web access problems, and suggestions for new features on the website.