Contact Info and Directions

Physical Location
South Campus Center
Suite 244, Room 250
1601 NE Columbia Road, Box 357631
Seattle, Washington 98195Mailing Address:
Experiential Education
School of Pharmacy
University of Washington
Mailbox 357631
Seattle WA 98195-7631
Phone (206) 685-8738
Fax (206) 685-9297

For general information please contact:

Thomas Kaghan, BS,, 206-616-8703, SCC 250
Experiential Education Assistant
Contact Thomas for questions about compliance, onboarding requirements, site visits, and general questions.

For questions about IPPEs

Monique Chhabra, MFT,, 206-543-9427, SCC 250
Experiential Education Coordinator
Contact Monique for questions about the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (deadlines, forms, policies, and records).

For questions about Wednesdays-in-Practice

Amy Wasell, BA, 206-221-7384, SCC 250
Wednesdays-in-Practice Manager
Contact Amy for questions about the Wednesdays-in-Practice (WIP) program, placement processes, and site/preceptor orientation for WIP.

For questions about APPEs

Curtis Jefferson, EdD, 206-685-8738, SCC 244G
Director of Operations for Experiential Education & Assessment
Contact Curtis for questions about affiliation agreements and the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (site placement, deadlines, forms, policies, and records).

Experiential Education Faculty

Rachel Allen, PharmD, 206-616-5182
Clinical Assistant Professor; Director, Bracken Pharmacy Learning Center, Community IPPEs
Contact Rachel for questions about the community pharmacy IPPE course, student preparation or progress, and professional behavior.

Jennifer Chang, PharmD, BCPS, 206-543-3480, SCC 246A
Clinical Assistant Professor; Director, Preceptor Development
Contact Jennifer for questions regarding preceptor development and resources.

Jennifer Danielson, PharmD, MBA, CDE, 206-543-1924, SCC 248
Associate Professor; Director, Interprofessional Education & Introductory Practice Experiential Education
Contact Jennifer for questions about the institutional IPPE course, student preparation or progress, and professional behavior.

Rachel Firebaugh, PharmD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor; Preceptor Development
Contact Rachel for questions regarding preceptor development and resources.

Teresa O’Sullivan, PharmD, BCPS, 206-543-3324, SCC 248
Assistant Professor; Director, Advanced Practice Experiential Education
Contact Terri regarding questions about the APPEs, student preparation or progress, and professional behavior.

Stanley S. Weber, PharmD, BCPP, FASHP, 206-616-8762, SCC 246A
Associate Professor; Associate Dean, Chief Assessment Officer
Contact Stan for questions about assessment, the experiential database and website, web access problems, and suggestions for new features on the website.