Experiential Learning Course Information

The Office of Professional Pharmacy Education offers several different experiential learning courses. Select from the following:

Introductory Community Pharmacy Experience (required course for first/second-year students)

Course Description. This 4-credit required course sequence is designed to ensure competency of all pharmacy students in basic skills needed to work in an ambulatory pharmacy environment.

UWSOP Community IPPE Guide 2019 PharmP 511-514 Syllabus

Introductory Institutional Pharmacy Experience (required course for second/third-year students)
Course Description. This 3-credit required course is designed to ensure competency of all pharmacy students in basic skills needed to work in an inpatient pharmacy environment.

Institutional IPPE Guide (PharmP 531-533 Course Syllabus)

Introductory Clinical Practice Experience (required course for third-year students)
Course Description. This one-credit required course is designed to introduce the student to aspects of advanced patient care in a real care environment. Activities include a multiple patient task prioritization exam, a case presentation group oral exam, and orientation for fourth-professional year advanced practice experiences.

Third-year students will enroll for this class in spring quarter of their third professional year.

The Course Syllabus.

PharmP 541 Student Syllabus

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (required courses for fourth-year students)
Course Description. Each of these courses are six credits, except for PharmP 578, which is variable-credit.  PharmP 58x courses are nine credits and correspond with six-week rotations.

Students will be enrolled in the appropriate quarter by our office. Please consult the Director of Operations if you have any questions. These are the course numbers and titles:

PharmP 571/581: APPE in Inpatient/Acute Care General Medicine
PharmP 572/582: APPE in Hospital or Health-System Pharmacy
PharmP 573/583: APPE in Ambulatory Care
PharmP 574/584: APPE in Community Pharmacy
PharmP 575/585: APPE Elective in Patient Care
PharmP 576/586: APPE Elective in Non-Patient Care Setting
PharmP 577/587: APPE in Senior Care (Plein Certificate students only; numerically graded)
PharmP 578: APPE Elective

APPE Guide 2020-2021

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