Priority Consideration Applications

PharmCAS will be removing the early decision option from applications beginning with the 2021-22 admission year. Beginning in 2021-22, the University of Washington School of Pharmacy will be introducing a new admission cycle known as Priority Consideration. Priority Consideration is designed for applicants who have determined that the UW School of Pharmacy is their first choice of PharmD programs.

All October interview days will be reserved for Priority applicants. Priority Consideration applicants will be the first group of candidates to receive their admission decision. By applying for Priority Consideration, applicants will have the security of knowing that they have a seat reserved in Pharmacy School nearly a full year before classes begin.

How to apply as an Priority Consideration Applicant:

  • Submit a completed PharmCAS application, including all transcripts, recommendations, and fees by October 1, 2021 (11:59pm EST)
  • Mark your intent to apply as a Priority Consideration applicant in the PharmCAS application.
  • Important Note: PharmCAS transcript processing times may take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Neither the UW nor applicants control PharmCAS processing time. We recommend submitting all application materials, including transcripts, by September 6. Any applicants missing any application materials after the October 1 deadline will not be considered for priority consideration.
  • Sign up for an October interview date as soon as the interview offer is sent.