Alice Ellyson

Pfizer Fellow, 2016-2018

CHOICE Fellows, Department of Pharmacy , Pharmacy Fellows

Alice is an applied microeconomist with research interests in health economics, law and economics, and applied econometrics. While at the CHOICE Institute, she has investigated and informed the public policy debate on prescription drug pricing and prescribing behavior. Her job market paper, entitled “The Prescription Drug Paradox: Pipeline Pressure and Rising Prices,” studies the brand-name drug pricing decision under insurance when an incumbent firm faces uncertain entry. The analysis uses data on over 27 million claims-based interactions with the healthcare system and clinical trials registry data to identify potential competitors in drug development. By exploiting exogenous variation in a potential entrant’s completion of clinical trials, the authors can identify the effect of drug development pipeline pressure on the prices of incumbent drugs. They use the insulin market as a natural experiment for the analysis. Her other work in drug pricing studies the effects of Washington state’s oral anticancer treatment parity law and is part of a $14,000 NIHCM grant. She also has a broad interest in understanding provider decision-making. Dr. Ellyson and co-authors investigate the effect of prescription drug monitoring programs on opioid prescribing by specialty. During her graduate studies, Alice was the recipient of a $35,000 grant to study malpractice pressure among family medicine physicians. She was selected to attend the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Economic Sciences in August 2014 as a young researcher.


PhD in Economics, Florida State University

MS in Economics, Florida State University

BBA in Economics, Mercer University

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