Serving as an instructor in UWSOP skills courses will help residents develop their teaching skills. Specifically, potential benefits include:

  • Education Training through hands-on, interactive workshop specifically focused on developing skills for facilitating small groups
  • Opportunities to lecture, lead skills activities, create assignments and assessments, and assess student learning, under the guidance of experienced clinical faculty members
  • Re-learning/improving general pharmacy practice knowledge and skills
  • Opportunities to network with faculty and other residents
  • A deeper understanding of the skills and experience necessary for a future career in education
  • Receive quality feedback regarding teaching skills
  • Practice in aspects of reflective teaching, including recognizing the knowledge of the audience and engaging different learning styles
  • Role modeling for impressionable PY1 students, as well as PY2, PY3 and PY4 students who serve as “education assistants” (“EAs” – like a TA) who also serve as junior instructors in the course series
  • Opportunity to develop materials to expand a teaching portfolio
  • Experience in leading a small group discussion on treatment options for important and common disease states seen in pharmacy
  • Skills in handling distracting student personalities during a small group discussion
  • Practice in applying knowledge of the variety of disease states and therapeutics
  • Development of skills related to leadership, problem-solving, facilitation and team-building