Resources and Facilities

UW liver bank:

UW liver bank contains 64 liver tissue samples (30 females and 34 males; age range 7-70 yrs), derived from 60 Caucasians, one Asian, and three African Americans.

Pediatric liver bank: (in collaboration with Dr. Steve Leeder, Children’s Mercy Hospital)

The pediatric liver bank contains 220 samples (84 females, 134 males, and 2 unknown) consisting of 10 neonates (0-28 days), 40 infants (29 days-2 yrs), 101 children (2-12 yrs), and 69 adolescents (12-18 yrs). The information on ethnicity is available for 98 donors, and includes 69 Caucasians, 27 African Americans, one Native American, and one Pacific Islander.

Kidney bank: (in collaboration with Dr. Jonathan Himmelfarb, Kidney Research Institute, University of Washington)

The kidney bank contains 23 samples (4 females and 19 males; age range 2-81 yrs), derived from 15 Caucasians, two Asians, two Hispanics, and one African American.

Instrument: See Mass Spectrometry Center page