Metabolism and Transport Drug Interaction Database

The Metabolism and Transport Drug Interaction Database© (DIDB) and the Pharmacogenetics Database (e-PKGene©) are part of a knowledge base (“DIDB platform”) designed for scientists and clinicians working in the field of drug development, drug disposition and drug-drug interactions (DDIs).

The DIDB platform was developed at the University of Washington’s Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy with input from pre-clinical and clinical pharmaceutical scientists. The DIDB was first licensed in 2002 and is currently used by a large number of pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, contract research organizations and academic institutions worldwide.

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The DIDB has the largest manually curated collection of in vitro and in vivo data related to drug interactions in humans. The platform integrates experimental conditions and results of DDI studies from peer-reviewed journal articles referenced in Medline, FDA Prescribing Information, and NDA Reviews. Pharmacokinetic profiles of drugs, QT prolongation data, including results of TQT studies from recent NDAs, as well as Regulatory Guidances and Editorial Summaries/Syntheses are also available.

Material from new publications and NDAs is continuously selected, analyzed, and added to the Database on a daily basis by research scientists who have PhD, PharmD, or MD degrees, and an extensive expertise in DDIs. The DIDB’s easy-to-use web portal offers tools for visualizing, reporting, and filtering pertinent information.

With the recent addition of organ impairment data and e-PKGene, the DIDB platform contains several datasets that are critical for evaluating the exposure of drugs and metabolites in various important clinical situations:

  • Drug-Drug (but also herbals, food products) Interaction data in humans (includes in vitro and in vivo data)
  • Disease-Dug Interaction data: difference in drug exposure in renally- and hepatically- impaired subjects versus those with normal renal or hepatic function
  • Pharmacogenetic-Drug Interaction data: impact of genetic variants of enzymes and transporters on the pharmacokinetic responses to drugs and metabolites

Access to the DIDB platform is licensed by UW Center for Commercialization (C4C). For more information on the program, please contact us.