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The UW School of Pharmacy is recognized for its world-class education, innovative programs and pioneering research. The School owes this honor not only to its superb family of lecturers, researchers, and students, but also to donors like you, who support the School. Your support is critical to the success of the School.

By giving to the top-ranked UW School of Pharmacy, you support:

  • Vital training programs and student experiences necessary to prepare highly skilled pharmacists and pharmacy researchers
  • Breakthrough faculty research and the resources to attract and retain the best minds in our profession
  • Innovation in pharmacy management, senior care, and pharmacist-administered community health initiatives

For the past 100-plus years, the UW School of Pharmacy has been setting the standard in educating the multidisciplinary pharmacists and researchers so crucial to the future of our healthcare system. You can help ensure we continue to lead the way into the next century.

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