PharmD/MS Degree


Note: Not currently accepting applications

The Department of Pharmacy offers a combined PharmD/MS program in Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy. This program is targeted toward outstanding students currently enrolled in the UW School of Pharmacy’s PharmD program who have a proven interest in the field of Outcomes Research and Policy.

This program allows students enrolled in the School of Pharmacy’s professional program to pursue a PharmD and M.S. degree, and to complete both degrees within a 5-year period. Students complete some of the graduate coursework while in the PharmD program. The program offers efficient and specialized training through research experience, and classroom training.

The demand for clinically trained students with outcomes research capabilities is high in academic, industry, and government settings and continues to grow. The PharmD/MS. program was created to meet this demand.


Once students are identified as potential candidates for the program, in-depth discussions will begin between the student, potential faculty advisors and the graduate program coordinator. A clear understanding of the program goals and requirements is crucial, because students need to take specific courses in their third year of the PharmD program, which will develop core competency in the graduate program.

Students will apply formally to the program in Autumn of their fourth (and) last year of the PharmD program. If accepted, they will enter the M.S. program in the Spring. Admission requirements are the same as those for our PhD. program, and include: a statement of purpose, curriculum vitae, and three letters of recommendation. Applications will be reviewed by the program’s admissions committee.

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements are the same as if the two degrees were completed separately. Students must complete a written thesis based on original research to complete the M.S. degree. The course requirements for each degree are:

PharmD Program

106 credits theory and methods
41 credits electives
45 credits practicum
Total credits: 192

PharmD/MS Program

30 credits core courses
3 credits of grad seminar
9 credits of master’s thesis study
0 credits of elective units

Total credits: 42

Suggested Course of Study for PharmD/MS

Expected Time to Degree

Students will be required to complete both degrees in 5 years

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