Application deadline: December 6, 2019 (NOT December 31 as you may see in the Graduate School application process).

Postdoctoral fellowship students work closely with faculty in the CHOICE Institute on projects where they learn first-hand how to apply the principles of outcomes research to real-life problems. These fellowships provide students with a year of study at the University of Washington, usually combined with a period of applied research at the sponsoring company. The year of study leads to an MS degree in Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy. The suggested course of study can be found here:

Course of Study for Fellows earning an MS degree.

The University of Washington/Allergan Fellowship , University of Washington/Bayer Fellowship, The University of Washington/Genentech Fellowship and the  University of Washington/SeaGen Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy each combines the resources of a leading academic center for pharmaceutical economics and policy with the dynamic, real-world training of two major pharmaceutical companies recognized for their commitment to innovation.


Applicants applying for these fellowships must have a degree in pharmacy or health-related discipline and have some research experience (preference will be given to those with a high academic standing). Excellent written and verbal communication skills are also essential. Applicants will be required to submit their curriculum vitae, a letter describing their career goals, and three letters of recommendation. Selection of fellows will be made by a steering committee composed of University of Washington faculty members and representatives from the respective company.

Application Information

Applicants for Allergan, Bayer or Genentech must submit an application on the ASHP PPS Portal here to be considered for our programs. If you are interested in our fellowship with SeaGen, please email your cover letter and CV directly to SeaGen Fellowship Director, Josh Carlson at carlsojj@uw.edu and Graduate Program & Operations Manager, Marina Gano at mcgano@uw.edu.

To apply click here which will take you to the application page. Scroll down and click “Create A Profile” under the heading “New Applicants.” You will create a personal profile and be promoted through the application.

You must select the following for each category:

Application type: Graduate

Program: “Pharmacy-Pharmaceutical Outcomes Sciences (PhD)”

Even though you are applying to the Master’s level fellowship we offer, you must select the aforementioned program title.

On #5 of the application, you then select which degree level you are intending to apply for, this is where you select Masters.

Further along in the application you will come to a tab on the left hand side of your screen called:

“Submit Program Application Form” this is where you select which MS Fellowship program you are applying for.

You must download the form, fill it out, and upload it in order for your application to be complete.

For more information, please contact: 

Marina Gano
Graduate Program & Operations Manager
The CHOICE Institute, Department of Pharmacy