Student Giving


UW School of Pharmacy alumni continue have the highest percentage of participation in giving back to their School than any other on campus.

A lot of people give to their undergraduate schools, but it takes a special connection, a bigger impact for most people to want to give to their professional postgraduate schools. We hear again and again from our alumni the deep connection they feel with the family community here at UW School of Pharmacy. For many, that connection leads to making a financial contribution to the school and we are proud of this connection and tradition.

In recent years, graduating classes have made class contributions that move the school, our faculty, and our students forward into the future of healthcare and excellence in pharmacy practice. This tradition came to be known as the P-4 Giving campaign in 2010 when the class started a fundraising campaign with the inspiring goal of 100% participation amongst their fellow classmates. The money they raised became a scholarship in honor of one of their favorite professors. As the Class of 2010 campaign leaders wrote in their message on the inaugural year of the P-4 campaign: “We would like to show our gratitude to the many donors who have helped us along the way. What better way to thank them for their investment in us than to embrace their spirit of giving?”

Since 2010, P4 classes have consistently paid it forward and created special scholarship funds for the incoming students—growing the future of pharmacy. The Class of 2017 announced that contributions to the P4 Class Giving Fund will be used to make a gift to the Doug Black Endowed PharmD Award in honor of Doug Black’s excellence as a professor and mentor.

We are inspired by our students and their commitment on a daily basis and thank them profoundly for creating and sustaining this wonderful tradition of philanthropy.

Class of 2017: Doug Black Endowed PharmD Award via the P4 Class Giving Fund

Class of 2016: Dean’s Fund for Excellence (in support of technological innovations designed to deepen student discovery in Therapeutics)

Class of 2015: Joan Douget Endowed Scholarship

Class of 2014: LCD Screen for the School of Pharmacy’s 3rd Floor Hallway

Class of 2013: The Pharmacy Practice Enrichment Gift Fund

Class of 2012: Dennis K. Lam Memorial Scholarship Fund/ Sid Nelson Memorial Fund

Class of 2011: Doug Black Endowed PharmD Award

Class of 2010: Michaelene (Micki) Kedzierski Pharmacy Service Excellence Fund