Charting the Course

June 2016 – August 2016: Data Analysis Phase

UWSOP Curricular Guidance Team member Dr. Katie Headrick Taylor, from the UW College of Education, led the guidance team in several exercises and facilitated discussions on how people learn best.

UWSOP Faculty Jenny Bacci, Andy Stergachis, Don Downing & Cathy Yeung brainstorming at the 2016 Northwest Pharmacy Convention.

Several UWSOP faculty, UWSOP Curricular Innovation Guidance Team members, and UWSOP Dean Sean Sullivan hosted a facilitated discussion of practicing pharmacists and pharmacy students at the Northwest Pharmacy Convention on June 3, 2016. These focus groups identified the key skills and abilities required in pharmacy practice, those expected in the future, and the impacts on education and training.

After gathering and sifting through all of the data generated in the process to date, we looked at the emerging trends and common themes, and began to explore some guiding principles and the vision, drivers and rationale, and potential implementation methods and models for our future curriculum. To drive our vision, an outcomes-oriented description of the “Husky Pharmacist” was developed so that the next steps in developing our curricular model can “begin with the end in mind” (Covey, 2004).  Based on the guiding principles and the “Husky Pharmacist”, the Curricular Innovation team considered how these might be incorporated into a framework to guide the curricular model development.

September 2016 – December 2016: Model Design

A Curricular Innovation Faculty Retreat was held in November 2016, with the key goal to engage the faculty in the next key step of the innovation—development of the new curricular model.  At the retreat, the Curricular Innovation Guidance team presented to the faculty a draft of the “Husky Pharmacist” attributes, the “Guiding Principles” for curricular development, a summary of the insights and findings gleaned from the information gathering phase, and key recommendations cultivated from the input.

After the summary updates, an interactive, facilitated discussion of perceived barriers or concerns that might potentially challenge the development and implementation of a new curriculum was held.  This session generated several ideas for needed support including guidance to faculty on course development, time support to make changes, needs for “soft launch” of certain aspects of a new curriculum, and instituting a quality improvement process to assure the change to the curriculum achieves the desired goals.  At the retreat, faculty and guest practitioners worked together to begin “modeling” a new curriculum by generating curricular approaches and ideas aligned with the guiding principles and aimed at the goal of best achieving the Husky Pharmacist. UWSOP Dean Dr. Sean Sullivan shared information about the process to be used by the Executive Committee to provide support for continued success to the Curricular Innovation process.

January 2017 – December 2017: Curricular Development

The Curricular Innovation Guidance Team is currently synthesizing faculty input and planning another faculty retreat for January 31, 2017, where the faculty, along with guest practitioners, will review a draft framework of the curricular approach, based on the input and priorities identified at the previous retreat and through student input.  After considering the framework, we will work together at the retreat to develop more detailed aspects of the curriculum and to identify workgroups for moving forward with curricular design.  Concurrent with and critically tied to this process, the faculty and students are providing input to update the Ability Based Outcomes (ABOs) for the PharmD curriculum. The current timeline goal is that the faculty will have a well-developed model, designed through their input, and updated ABOs to consider for endorsement at the all-faculty meeting scheduled in February 2017. Over the next few months, faculty workgroups will hone the details: developing the curriculum, curricular requirements and guidelines, planning implementation and phasing, and developing metrics for assessing the success of the new curriculum. We anticipate beginning implementation no sooner than Fall 2018.

The UWSOP Curricular Innovation Guidance Team welcomes your ongoing participation in this process. We invite you to stay informed and engaged by reading our updates, participating in events and surveys, and by asking questions or providing feedback.

Citations: Covey, Stephen R. 2004. The 7 habits of highly effective people: restoring the character ethic. New York: Free Press.

The UWSOP Curricular Innovation Guidance Team

Peggy Soule Odegard, BSPharm, PharmD, CDE
UW School of Pharmacy Associate Dean for Professional Pharmacy Education
Curricular Innovation Guidance Team Chair

Shelly Gray, PharmD, MS
UW School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy, Assessment

Doug Black, PharmD
UW School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy

Dave Veenstra, PharmD, PhD
UW School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy

Jennifer Danielson, PharmD, MBA, CDE
UW School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy, IPE and Experiential Education

Nina Isoherranen, PhD
UW School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutics

Abhi Nath, PhD
UW School of Pharmacy, Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Steve Pickette, PharmD
BCPS, Health Systems practice, UW Medicine

Becky Dant, PharmD
BCACP, Community Practice, Costco Wholesale Pharmacy

Katie Taylor, PhD
UW College of Education

Susan Taylor, MFA, MA
UW School of Pharmacy, OPPE, Curriculum and Advising Specialist