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PharmD/PhD Concurrent Degree Program

The concurrent dual-degree program is to offer students the opportunity to combine in-depth professional education and advanced research training in two degree fields so that they will be equipped and prepared to teach and conduct pharmaceutical research. Click here to read our brochure. The graduates of this program will possess the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary for working with colleagues across multiple disciplines essential to performing integrated and translational medical research. Graduates will have the ability to conduct academic research and also translational medical and pharmaceutical research at private, public, and governmental regulatory agencies/institutions as well as pharmaceutical companies.

A traditional PharmD/PhD program typically requires students to spend about 9 years to complete both degrees. With the proposed concurrent dual-degree program, students will require about 7 years to complete both PharmD and PhD degrees. Thus, the students will realize about 2 years of time-saving with the accelerated dual-degree program.

The proposed accelerated dual-degree program is intended to attract outstanding students who are committed to earning professional degrees and entering academic careers that require competence in both teaching and research. Scholarships will be available to outstanding students.

The program offers two tracks*:

*As the graduate curriculum continues to evolve, students are advised to contact the PharmD/PhD committee for the most recent changes. However, the core requirements for the PharmD/PhD will remain the same.

Admission into the PharmD/PhD Concurrent Degree Program comprises three components:

  1. PharmD Application (Jan. 5, 2012 deadline)
    1. PharmCas
    2. Supplemental School of Pharmacy Application Packet for Admissions 2011 (please see the PharmD section of our website)
  2. Graduate School Application (Jan. 15, 2012 deadline)
  3. PharmD/PhD Concurrent Degree Program Application
    1. PharmD/PhD Concurrent Degree Application Checklist (Due Jan. 5, 2012)
    2. Application and Acceptance Process

Please see the brochure and the websites for the PharmD program, the Medicinal Chemistry Graduate Program, and the Pharmaceutics Graduate Program for additional important information regarding admission requirements.