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Applications to PharmD Program


  The University of Washington School of Pharmacy, along with many other schools throughout the country, participates in a centralized application service called PharmCAS (Pharmacy College Application Service) which allows applicants to use a single application to apply to multiple Doctor of Pharmacy degree programs. PharmCAS will collect and process applications to pharmacy colleges and schools that participate in this service. PharmCAS begins accepting applications in mid-June. Please be aware that PharmCAS must receive all application materials by the deadline. Any required documents received after this date will be considered late, and no further evaluation of the application will occur.

Applicants to the UW School of Pharmacy PharmD Program must complete BOTH an on-line PharmCAS Application and submit an online Supplemental Application to the UW School of Pharmacy, Office of Academic and Student Programs.

PharmCAS Application

Early Decision Deadline: September 2, 2014, 11:59PM, Eastern Standard Time (8:59PM Pacific Time)
Deadline: December 1, 2014, 11:59PM Eastern Time (8:59PM Pacific Time)

  • Login to PharmCAS and complete their application form
  • Send appropriate fee to arrive at PharmCAS
  • Official, sealed transcripts from ALL colleges, universities, community colleges or technical colleges  attended or from which credit was awarded (including Running Start, College in the High School, etc.) Transcripts are required even if coursework does not apply toward pharmacy prerequisites. Failure to report all coursework may result in disqualification of an offer of interview or admission. Applicants who have attended or received credit from a college or univerity which evaluates coursework through narrative transcripts rather than assigning numerical or letter grades must send an official narrative transcript to both PharmCAS and the UW School of Pharmacy by the deadline dates. Narrative transcripts require additional processing and review.
  • Two (2) required recommendation forms and optional letters of recommendation. The University of Washington School of Pharmacy requires, and will accept, only two recommendations, one from an ACADEMIC source and one from a PROFESSIONAL source. Recommendations are NOT ACCEPTED from family members, friends, fraternity or sorority advisors, personal health care providers, high school faculty/advisors, mentors or job shadow professionals. Recommendations are not accepted from career services or reference letter centers.
    • ACADEMIC references must be: professors or teaching assistants who have directly interacted with the student in a classroom setting or official, university or college-affiliated academic advisors.
    • PROFESSIONAL references must be: employers or volunteer organization personnel with whom the applicant has directly worked. NOTE: Any work that ALSO results in earning academic credit (appearing on a transcript), does not qualify as professional and cannot be used as a professional recommendation. 
  • Foreign transcript evaluations must be sent to PharmCAS. Although foreign coursework may not apply to prerequisites, it is considered as part of the Cumulative GPA. Therefore, applicants who have attended any foreign schools MUST have a transcript evaluation. The UW School of Pharmacy will only accept course-by-course evaluations by one of the following agencies:
  • Request to have Official PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test) scores sent directly to PharmCAS. The last acceptable test date for Early Decision Applicants is July 2014. The last acceptalbe date for traditional applications is the November prior to the application deadline. The PCAT must be taken within the two years prior to admission (e.g., for the current application cycle that is January 2013 - November 2014). The January 2015 PCAT is not accepted for applicants who wish to enter the program in the Fall of 2015. 
  • F-1 Visa students are required to send TOEFL scores directly to PharmCAS
  • H-4 Visa students must apply for and be awarded F-1 Visa status in order to be eligible to the PharmD Program.

School of Pharmacy Supplemental Application (On Line Application NOW Available)

Early Decision Application Deadline: September 2, 2014 (11:59PM Pacific Standard Time) - Submit the online UW School of Pharmacy PharmD Supplemental Application.  The application process will include an online payment of $60.00 application fee.
Traditional Online Application Deadline: December 1, 2014 (11:59PM Pacific Standard Time)

  • Apply to UW School of Pharmacy Supplemental Application Website
  • Review the UW School of Pharmacy Admission, Retention & Graduation Standards and UW School of Pharmacy Admissions Guide
  • Sealed, official foreign transcripts (not evaluations). Applicants that have attended any foreign schools must have courses evaluated through WES, ECE or Educational Perspectives.  Although foreign coursework will not apply to prerequisites, it is considered as part of the Cumulative GPA. Evaluations must be sent directly to PharmCAS but original foreign transcripts must be sent with Supplemental Application.
  • If U.S. Permanent Resident, Refugee-Asylee, F-1  – photocopy front and back of visa or green card is required.
  • Official Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate Test Score Sheet (only required if AP/IB scores are being used toward prerequisite coursework). AP applicants should request test scores using Code Number 5981 which is specific to the University of Washington School of Pharmacy. CLEP credits are not accepted.

Confidentiality of Application Materials

The UW School of Pharmacy will not discuss your application materials or status with anyone else. Please do not ask others to contact our Office of Academic and Student Programs to inquire about the status of your application or to give an “additional recommendation” beyond what is included in your application. We consider only those recommendations that are included as part of the application package. This policy is established by the University of Washington School of Pharmacy for your protection.

Application Links


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PharmD Admissions Calendar

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UW Pre-Pharmacy Club

The primary goal of the University of Washington Pre-Pharmacy Club is to assist undergraduates in their exploration of Pharmacy career. This club is operated independently from the School of Pharmacy. For more information please contact the UW Pre-Pharmacy Club at: prepharm@uw.edu or visit their website