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Institute for Innovative Pharmacy Practice

In 2006, thanks to the efforts of several devoted faculty members and alumni, the UW School of Pharmacy created the Institute for Innovative Pharmacy Practice (“I2P2”). Under the leadership of then-professor Jackie Gardner, I2P2 set out to tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time: an aging population that is taking more prescription drugs; limited access to affordable basic health care; and an increasing need for better chronic-disease management.

Mission & Service Statement
I2P2 focuses on educating pharmacists who promote innovative and entrepreneurial solutions for better health — and better business. It also provides outreach and guidance to practicing pharmacists to help them better serve their patients in an ever-changing pharmacy landscape.

We draw on the School of Pharmacy’s recognized strengths in senior care, pharmacy management and groundbreaking community health programs to address pharmacy practice needs. By training professionals who understand that running a pharmacy is both a science and an art, we produce pharmacists who care for customers and generate revenue. In addition, through research partnerships, we study and help practicing pharmacists throughout the region implement cost-effective, health-enhancing practice innovations.

Program Goals:

  • Provide curricular and programmatic enhancements to prepare tomorrow’s pharmacy leaders.
  • Work with pharmacy practitioners to put medication management and pharmaceutical care at the forefront of health care.
  • Conduct real world research that benefits both patients and pharmacists.
  • Recruit and reward top notch students with the capabilities and desire to be successful pharmacy entrepreneurs, team players and effective communicators. Place those students in preferred internships and residencies.
  • Advocate for legislative and policy changes that establish pharmacies as the most efficient access to affordable and appropriate community health services.

Selected I2P2 Achievements

2008: School of Pharmacy’s Consulting Pharmacy is Formed
Thanks to support for I2P2 from Shirley & Herb Bridge — through the Bridge Endowed Professorship for Women in Pharmacy — faculty members Peggy Odegard and Annie Lam created the School’s consulting pharmacy, UW Pharmacy Cares. This program provides medication-therapy-management consultations and training for students. Read about the founding of UW Pharmacy Cares.

2009: I2P2 co-directors mentor student team that wins national business plan competition
As part of the School of Pharmacy's Business Plan Development class, taught by I2P2 co-directors Don Downing and Jackie Gardner, a group of students wrote a business plan and entered it in the National Community Pharmacy Association’s Pruitt-Schutte Business Plan Competition. With guidance from Downing and Gardner and I2P2 support, the students won first place nationally. Read more.

2010: UW School of Pharmacy named winner of AACP’s Transformative Community Service Award
In November 2010, the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy announced that the UW School of Pharmacy would receive this national award. This honor recognizes the School for exceptional community programs that address unmet community needs and for being an example of social responsiveness. I2P2 was instrumental in facilitating several of the programs highlighted in the award. Read more.

2011: First I2P2 endowed professorship awarded
Clinical Professor of Pharmacy Don Downing was named the first recipient of the I2P2 endowed professorship. As the I2P2 Endowed Professor, Downing has increased opportunities to further enhance innovations in pharmacy practice and education. Read more.

2011: Profit-mastery program is integrated into core Pharm.D. curriculum
As a testament to the School’s commitment to creating innovative business-minded pharmacists, all Pharm.D. students will now participate in the online program “Profit Mastery: Creating Value and Building Wealth” through the School’s Pharmacy Management course. The profit-mastery program is offered through Business Resource Services. The pharmacy management course is taught by I2P2 Endowed Professor Don Downing. Learn more about the profit mastery program.

Be a Part of Innovative Pharmacy

  • Make a gift to the Institute for Innovative Pharmacy Practice Fund.
  • To mentor students in the School of Pharmacy business plan class or to be involved in another I2P2 initiative, please contact Don Downing.
  • To find out about how your pharmacy can consult with UW Pharmacy Cares, please contact UW Pharmacy Cares Faculty Pharmacist Skye McKennon.
  • For all additional I2P2 questions, contact Assistant Dean for Advancement and Corporate Relations Claire Forster.

I2P2's Donors

The following generous individuals and organizations have made the UW Institute of Innovative Pharmacy Practice possible:

Barry Lafferty's Pharmacy
Bartell Drug Company
Cabrillo Pharmacy
Barbara, ’68, & James Cammack, ’67
Donald & Donna Dockter, ’72
Margaret & Michael Faulkner, ’63
Pamela, ’72, & Richard Firth
Margaret & Donald Forstrom,’61
Marion Garrison
Bonnie & Michael Graeff, ’73
Ruth Ann & Warren Hall, ’79
Hall's Drug Center Inc.
Rosa and Michael Hoagland, ’70
Patricia, ’83, & Christopher Hoey
Pamela & Mark Holzemer, ’73
Cherie & Ronald Klein, ’76
Tammy & Michael Lafferty, ’95
Jane & Richard Ramsey, ’55
Connie Shafer, ’77
Rodney Dean Shafer, ’77
Skagit Valley Med Pharmacy
Carol & Jack Stafford, ’67
Bettie Tomchalk
Woodinville Med Ctr Pharmacy