School News

Professor Thummel elected President of ASPET

The Chair of Pharmaceutics, Ken Thummel will take office July 1, 2014.The 4,800- member society was founded in 1908 to further the growth of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics in the United States.

Diabetes-Education Project Serves Community

Award-winning project provides health-education services to homeless and low-income populations. At the UW Medical Center Martin Luther King, Jr. tribute event, a UW School of Pharmacy project will receive a Community Volunteer Recognition Award. The student- and faculty-led project has been providing diabetes-outreach programs to underserved populations since 2011. Full story

Faculty Members' Research Gets National Distinction

A 2005 study by Qingcheng Mao and Jashvant Unadkat is one of the 10 most-cited articles in the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Journal's history. Their article examined how breast cancer resistance protein relates to a range of drugs and antiviral agents.  Read more

New Research Institute Co-Director is Affiliate Faculty

The Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research has hired Gary Lyman to serve as the institute's co-director. Lyman is also an affiliate faculty member in our Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research & Policy Program (as is the institute's co-director Scott Ramsey). The Daily article The Business Journal article