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Third Year Students

School of Pharmacy Outreach and Community Care Resource Page


  • Click here for the full four-year core courses curriculum.
Autumn Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
Autumn quarterly schedule Winter quarterly schedule Spring quarterly schedule
PHARM 560 Ptherapeutics III [6] PHARM 541 Pharm Health & Society [3] PCEUT 510 Drug Interactions [3]
PHARM 564 Applied Ptherapeutics II [2] PHARM 561 Ptherapeutics IV [7] PHARM 562 Ptherapeutics V [6]
PharmP 532 IPPE [1] PHARM 565 Applied Ptherapeutics III [2] PharmP 541 IPPE Clinical Skills [1]
  PharmP 533 IPPE [2]  
Total [17] Total [17] Total [17]

Professional Elective List


All Professional Electives List (pharmacy and non-pharmacy courses) are listed.

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UW School of Pharmacy Housing Board
If you need a roommate or looking for a place to live. Check out the UW School of Pharmacy Housing Board for postings.