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Student Handbook

School of Pharmacy Learning Goals-Ability Based Outcomes
Please click here for current information on the School of Pharmacy Learning Goals.

About this Handbook

Mission statement
The School of Pharmacy
Practice Foundations, Care Definition and Ability-Based Outcomes Document
Code of Ethics

Section A - Student Information
2013-2014 Student Events Calendar
School of Pharmacy Events and Information Updates
Student Directory Information - Personal Release
Computer Policy

Website Contacts - Professional Organizations, UW School of Pharmacy Student Organizations, UW Resources, Additional Resources
UW Policies and Procedures - Policy on Special Accomodations, Release of Student Directory Information, Disclosure of Student Records (FERPA), Tuition Obligations/Schedule Changes, Policy on Equal Opportunity, Policy on Sexual Harassment, Suspended Operation/Inclement Weather Policy, Emergency Management [Fire, Earthquake, Hazardous Material Incident, Campus Safety]

Section B - Student Services and Resources
Student Services - UWSOP Student Advising and Counseling Services, UW Campus Services, Community Services, Student Health Insurance, Computing Services
Student Resources - Disability Resources for Students (DRS), STF Equipment Loan Program, Pharmacy Student Lounge, Health Sciences Building Access Card, Lockers, Name Tags, Libraries, South Campus Center, MyUW/UW Net ID

Section C - Student Academic and Professional Policies and Procedures
Admission, Retention and Graduation Standards
Criminal History Information and Background Check Policy
Immunization Policy

Withdrawal, Quarter-Off, On-Leave Policies and Returning Student Reenrollment Policies - SOP Withdrawal, Quarter-Off and Leave Policies, SOP Returning Student Policy, UW Withdrawal Policies [Autumn, Winter or Spring Quarters], UW Policy [Quarter-Off Eligibility], UW Policy [Withdrawal for Two Consecutive Quarters], UW Policy [Returning Student Reenrollment]
Verification of Enrollment Procedures
Indemnification Coverage
Policy on Substance Abuse
Classroom Policies

School of Pharmacy Policy on Student Misconduct - Standards of Academic and Professional Conduct, School of Pharmacy Policy on Student Misconduct Algorithm
ACPE Complaint Procedures
UW School of Pharmacy Grade Appeal Procedures
UW School of Pharmacy Academic Grievance Procedures - Information Conciliation, Initiation of Formal Complaint, Hearing Procedures, Appeal Procedures
Other University Resources
Section D - Financial Aid Information
UW Office of Student Financial Aid
School of Pharmacy Financial Aid
- Scholarships and Grants [Policy on Accepting School of Pharmacy Scholarships or Grants], School of Pharmacy Financial Aid Loans, Scholarships and Endowments, Loan Sources
UW Travel Grants
Graduate and Professional Fee Waivers
Other Financial Aid Resources

Section E-Grading Policies and Procedures for Class of 2014 and Classes of 2015, 2016 and 2017
Grading Policy - Individual Courses, Scholarship [Minimum UW GPA - University Cumulative GPA, Minimum PGPA - School of Pharmacy Cumulative Professional GPA, Low Scholarship/Academic Warning, Probation and Dismissal for Low Scholarship, Reinstatement, Academic Progress Standards Algorithm, Academic Assistance for Students] Repeat Courses, Course Scheduling Conflicts, Professional Courses, Incomplete Grades
Final Examination Policy - 2013-2014 Final Examination Periods, Guidelines for Changing the Date of the Final Exam
Change of Grade - Grade Appeal Procedures
Grade Reports

Section F- Curriculum for Class of 2014 and Classes of 2015, 2016 and 2017
Curriculum Overview - Registration, Independent and Special Studies Courses
Graduation Requirements
Professional Elective Courses
Professional Elective Course Lists
Elective Count Procedure

Student Academic Progression Plan Form
Experiential Learning
Additional Program Opportunities
- Certificate Program [Biomedical and Regulatory Affiars] and Concurrent Degree Programs [PharmD and PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, PharmD and PhD in Pharmaceutics, PharmD and MS in Pharmaceutical Outcomes, Research and Policy, PharmD/PA.

Section G - Practicum Conduct Policies
Practicum Information
Intern Licensure
UW HIPAA Training
Student Guidelines for Practicum Conduct
Indemnification Policy

First Aid/CPR Certification Policy
Student Guidelines for Infection Control and Exposure Management
- Introduction, Routine Hand Washing, Personal Barriers, Management of Sharps, Entering an Isolation Room, Personal Sickness, Pregnancy, Positive HIV Or Infectious Hepatitis Status, Exposure Mangement, Cost of Treatment and Insurance Coverage

Section H - Licensure Requirements
Licensure Requirements

Section I - School of Pharmacy Offices and Departments
UW School of Pharmacy Organizational Chart
Administrative Offices
- Office of the Dean, Office of Academic and Student Programs, Office of Professional Pharmacy Education, Office of Advancement and Corporate Relations, Pharmacy Alumni Association
Departments of the School - Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy.

Section J - Student Organizations and Activities
UPPOW, AMCP, ASCP, B2H, IHI, Kappa Psi, LKS, PhRESH, PLS, Rho Chi, SNPhA, Academic and Professional Standards Progress Committee, Academic and Professional Standards Misconduct Committee, Assessment Committee, Curriculum Committee, Distinguished Alumnus Awards Committee, Graduate & Professional Student Senate, HS Library Graduate & Professional Student Advisory Committee, Pharmacy Alumni Student Representatives, PharmD/PhD Concurrent Degree Committee, Senior Leadership Committee, Student Advisory Committee on Professionalism, Student Representative Council.

Section K - Awards and Honors
School of Pharmacy Dean's List
Other Awards
PharmD Graduate Awards

University of Washington Student Conduct Code

For information on the University of Washington Student Conduct Code, please visit their website.

ASP Events

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